Lawrence Kleiman, professor of management

Lawrence Kleiman, professor of management

Lawrence Kleiman

Department of Management and Marketing

Lawrence Kleiman, Ph.D. Sutliff 326 | 570-389-4763

Research and Scholarship

  • Lawrence Kleiman, Ph.D., textbook Human Resource Management: A Managerial Tool for Competitive Advantage, 6th Edition was recently published by Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • Kleiman, L. & Benek-Rivera, J. (2010). A 4-Step model for Teaching Interviewing Skills. Business Communication Quarterly.
  • Kleiman, L. & Kass, D. (2007). Giving MBA Programs the Third Degree. Journal of Management Education, 31 (1), 81-103.
  • Kleiman, L., Kass, D., Wackerfuss, A., & Benek-Rivera, J. (2007). Fighting Back: Legal Options for Same-Sex Harrassment Victims. Journal of Individual Employment Rights, 12 (4), 305-314.