Faculty and Staff Appreciation

President's Message

Dear BU Family,

The late Steve Jobs once said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

In my 18 months as president of this wonderful institution, I have come to learn that the heart and soul of Bloomsburg University are the people who work here. You do great work because you truly enjoy what you do. Even more important than just enjoying what you do, you look after our students in so many ways. Whether you are a faculty member in the classroom or a staff member helping our students outside the classroom, your service to our students cannot be measured but has a lasting impact on their overall growth and development.

Today, we say thank you and recognize all the incredible people who make BU so special. You give of yourselves every day ensuring that whatever you do for the institution, you do so with a smile and to the best of your ability. For that, I cannot thank you enough.

Congratulations and thank you for all you do for Bloomsburg University!

Bashar W. Hanna
President, Bloomsburg University

Employees celebrating 40 years of service

Marilou Hinchcliff
If you are a dedicated professional, then working at an institution for over 40 years means you have an unequaled breadth and depth of perspective and a rich institutional memory. Marilou Hinchcliff is just such an individual. In fact, as the second-longest serving faculty member at Bloomsburg University,
she was given the honor of bearing the ceremonial mace at President Bashar Hanna’s inauguration om April 2018.

In addition to her many talents as a technical services librarian and musician, Marilou possesses great diplomacy skills and an uncanny knowledge of when to offer chocolate. Her authority on resource cataloging and library system functionality is recognized not only at BU but also in the entire PASSHE system. She regularly shares her knowledge with other librarians and has made Bloomsburg University a center of technical services’ expertise among the PASSHE libraries. She could write a book (and catalog it) on the topic. ‒ Linda Neyer

Saleem Khan
Saleem Khan joined BU in the spring of 1978. During his 41 years of service, Saleem has an impressive record of teaching and scholarly activities. He has published several manuscripts, journal articles, and presented at international conferences. He is the founder and director of the Russian Program at BU—an innovative international program which includes the double degree program, summer school in Moscow, and faculty exchange. Before joining BU, he taught at University of Alaska and Chapman University in California. Saleem was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 2004 by the Finance University, Moscow and Honorary Professorship by the Tashkent University of Economics in 1992. Saleem serves on editorial boards of several international economics and finance journals. His extensive experience in business and government includes serving as an economic advisor to the Government of Pakistan, senior research economist for the Canadian Government, and consultant to the World Bank on educational programs. ‒ Aberra Senbeta

Employees celebrating 35 years of service

Jimmy Gilliland
As the longest-serving member of the Kehr Union family, Jimmy has provided highly professional and exemplary service to Bloomsburg University, our town community, and most importantly to our students. He is an excellent administrator whose reliability, organization and planning have benefited us all. As the adviser to the Program Board, Bloomsburg University Concert Committee and Homecoming and Parents and Family Weekend committees, he mentors students through engaging co-curricular experiences. He plays an integral role, between the university and the town in the continued success of the annual Renaissance Jamboree. Jimmy, congratulations on your 35 years of service. Thank you for your many contributions to the success of our students and university, your hard work and your dedication through these years. ‒ Edwin Valovage

Michael Pugh
Mike has served Bloomsburg University for 35 years. He received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 1983 and started at BU the same year. He has been active in research his entire time at BU, even during his 12 years serving as the chair of the chemistry and biochemistry department. His research interests have covered topics such as guanine aminohydrolase in rabbit tissue, analysis of gunshot residues using a handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, and more recently microsatellite DNA analysis of Pacific Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna. He expanded this research into other tuna species during his recent sabbatical leave at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary. He has added to the university curriculum with his course Introduction to forensic science, which he single-handedly developed. He remains a source of wisdom to all in the department and will be greatly missed when he retires. ‒ Gregory Zimmerman

Cynthia Surmacz
Cindy joined the biology and allied health science department in 1983. Over her many years of dedicated service, she has passed on her love of biology to thousands of students. Cindy teaches large sections of foundation courses and her enthusiasm in the classroom and willingness to help students understand and appreciate the biological world around them is infectious. Cindy has maintained an active research program that involves students – both undergraduate and graduate. She has served for many years as the faculty adviser for our local chapter of Beta Beta Beta biological honor society. She has attended countless workshops, participated on numerous committees, written questions for various national examinations, and led summer science camps for area youngsters – anything that helps promote and improve science education. As a department, we are ever appreciative of all she does and hope that she never tires – or retires! ‒ Angela Hess

Employees celebrating 30 years of service

Brett Beck

Brett Beck is an outstanding instructor, colleague, and mentor, in spite of his allegiance to the University of Alabama’s football program. He is passionate about his field, and this is evident in all of his courses. His students appreciate his great sense of humor and his colleagues appreciate his willingness to tackle difficult tasks in the department with a smile. As chair, I commend him on his dedication to his duties, including creating and offering the department’s first online course (which was very well-received by his students). A great lunch or happy hour companion, Brett has been brightening the halls of the psychology department for 30 years, and his colleagues would like to congratulate him on a job well done! Now, if we can just do something about ‘Bama.... ‒ Julie Kontos

Dale Bertelsen

Since joining the communications studies department in 1988, Dale has established a notable record. He is a master teacher who provides a style, depth of knowledge, breadth of understanding of world affairs, cultural differences and historical happenings needed by students who may never have been asked to think critically about rhetorical choices. As the senior member of the department and an experienced scholar, Dale generously offers his knowledge, expertise and encouragement to his colleagues in supporting their burgeoning research efforts by providing editorial suggestions and advice on managing the publication process. He has continued to be an active scholar focus and recently published, Introduction to Communication Criticism: Methods, Systems Analysis, and Societal Transformations. Dale has contributed actively to the university, and the discipline throughout his career serving as president of the Eastern Communication Association, serving on Meet and Discuss, and was recently elected as department chairperson. ‒ Kara Shultz

Elizabeth Frederick

Liz continues to be a valued member of the Andruss Library Cataloging Unit. She catalogs new books, binds or withdraws old books, evaluates the comparative condition of gift duplicates, and assists with student etime and supervision. Since the cataloging technician’s retirement in July, Liz has shouldered a greater load of new book cataloging while also evaluating the condition of gift music scores to ensure the addition or retention of the best quality copy. Her expertise with bindery idiosyncrasies is invaluable, and with the help of student assistants, she oversees a well-oiled process to maintain the collection. Much of the day-to-day work of getting new materials into the hands of our students and other patrons while helping to keep the rest of the collection relevant falls to Liz. We have been fortunate to be able to rely on her for 30 years and congratulate her on this milestone. ‒ Marilou Hinchcliff

Audra Halye

Audra is an integral member of the budget office team. She is always ready to assist as needed, take on new tasks, and deal with multiple priorities and demands on her time. She has seen many changes in her 30 years at BU. She is a problem-solver and offers suggestions to improve processes. Her initiative, ability to troubleshoot, positive attitude, and participation as a team player help our office as well as many individuals and departments throughout campus. Audra also devotes time annually to ensure the success of the BU Food Drive. In her free time, Audra enjoys participating in church activities, traveling, and spending time with her family. We are fortunate to have Audra on our team. Her experience and skills make her a valuable employee, and we appreciate her efforts. Congratulations on 30 years of service! ‒ Barb Meyer

Rickey Hayes

Rickey started his career on Nov. 14, 1988, in the plumbing shop. From the beginning, he has been involved in maintaining our swimming pools on campus. At one point most of his day was spent maintaining two pools, at Nelson Field House and Centennial Gymnasium. Over his career, he has viewed all of the buildings either renovated or built, save for Waller Administration Building. During the blizzard of 1993, Rickey stayed on campus for over 1 1/2 days to help remove snow and clear walks, catching a few winks of sleep in the Wilson House before going back out to move the three feet of snow we received. After 9/11; Rickey helped man residence hall desks alongside other facilities staff to keep our students safe. Rickey always has a great attitude and a smile no matter what work he is doing. Thank you, Rickey, for 30 years of service at Bloomsburg University. ‒ Jeremy Campbell

Maureen Hill

Maureen Hill, a staff interpreter in the Department of Equity and Accommodations, interprets and transliterates English and American Sign Language between students, staff, faculty, visitors, and other campus community members. For the past 12 years, Maureen also skillfully facilitates basic instruction for both adults and children in interpreting skills through the university’s Corporate and Continuing Education Department. She is the pioneering figure in implementing and coordinating the Pet Therapy Program at the university for the BU community. Under her leadership, this innovative program has grown, thrived and will celebrate its fifth anniversary in the near future. This program has been a tremendous success and a positive endeavor with the students, staff and faculty members. Ms. Hill generously serves the community by volunteering as a college chapter advisor of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, interpreting for various church liturgies and assisting as a fundraising chairperson for an animal shelter. ‒ Robert Wislock

Susan Kocher

Susan Kocher ’87, has been a staple of the Bloomsburg University Softball program, on and off the field since 1987. Over the past 30 years Susan’s commitment to the student-athlete, as the assistant coach and now as the head coach, has provided stability and focus that keep BU Softball an elite program within the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, the region, and on the national scene as well. Her ability to mentor and develop student-athletes, both in the classroom as well as around the diamond, is unmatched. In May of 2018, Coach Kocher won her 250th game as a head coach and is poised to add to that number this upcoming season. Being a member of the BU Athletic Hall of Fame, Coach Kocher continues to exemplify what it means to be a Husky. We are truly grateful for her dedication to Husky Athletics over the last 30 years. ‒ Michael McFarland

Maria Mendoza-Enright

Maria has been preparing students for careers in television, radio and film for three decades. She is the adviser for BU’s chapter of the National Broadcasting Society (NBS) through which students produce programming for the campus television station BUTV. Innumerable alumni from the Department of Mass Communications remember their time with her in classes and NBS fondly and affectionately and remain in close communication with her based on the relationships she has built with students during her time here at Bloomsburg University. Furthermore, the rigor and dedication she brings to her courses along with her sense of humor continue to be a vital part of this department’s success. ‒ Jason Genovese

Lynda Michaels

Lynda Michael’s legacy to BU can be measured by the hundreds of lives she has touched during her tenure. She earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees at BU and was hired as a residence hall director. She went on to become assistant director of Residence Life and then interim coordinator of orientation before taking on the job of assistant director of admissions and coordinator of new student orientation.

Lynda was selected as alumni director in 2006 and shifted to overseeing the university’s 70,000 graduates. She was promoted to assistant vice president for Alumni and Professional Engagement and worked diligently to help develop Professional U, designed to provide students a start on professional and career success. Lynda served on numerous campus committees - Planning and Budget, Master Plan, Middle States, Commission on the Status of Women, and was the recipient of the university’s Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Service Award. ‒ Erik Evans

Karen Murtin

Karen Murtin is being recognized as a dedicated employee who has supported student success during her 30-year tenure at Bloomsburg University. Karen has a big impact in working with over 200 high school students in managing the Advanced College Experience program. The program has grown to serve over 40 regional school districts. Karen has worked strategically to align recruitment goals with retaining an increased number of ACE students who matriculate to BU following high school graduations.

Karen has championed efforts to expand enrollment opportunities for students during the Winter Session and Summer College programs. She consistently delivers outstanding customer service to students in support of them reaching their educational goals and remaining on track to successful completion of their college graduation. Please join us in recognizing Karen Murtin for her commitment to quality student support services and for her “idea generations” to advance the mission of Bloomsburg University. ‒ Tom Fletcher

Linda Swisher

Linda is simply a wonderful person who also happens to be the consummate professional. For the past 30 years, Linda has made incredibly substantial contributions to the institution, and her involvement across campus always has a significant and positive impact in all that she does. Linda is very versatile, and she is a very talented, skilled, and capable individual and professional. As a result, she achieves a great deal and is very successful in all her activities.

The registrar’s office is very fortunate to have Linda for a considerable amount of time, and we all will be hard pressed to find someone of her caliber when she decides to move on to her next challenges. In closing let me simply say “thank you, Linda, for who you are and what you have accomplished here at the university.” ‒ Joseph Kissell

Karen White

Karen White served Bloomsburg University’s Corporate and Continuing Education program for 30 years, retiring in January 2018. Throughout her career, she provided dedicated and consistent service to community members in managing and directing BU’s Mini-Course program that serves nontraditional students. She later expanded her leadership role where she coordinated the delivery of professional workforce development and customized training programs for the business community. She worked diligently to advance Bloomsburg University’s presence in supporting job training programs for regional businesses. Karen consistently maintained the highest rating in managing the statewide grant program WEDnet, Workforce and Economic Development network, where she supported providing regional companies with grant funding to meet the training needs for their workforce. We thank and congratulate Karen on her 30 years of dedicated service, and wish her continued happiness in her retirement. ‒ Tom Fletcher

Employees celebrating 25 years of service

Martin Coyne

For the last 25 years, the most known name in Bloomsburg Tennis is Marty Coyne ’83. As a former BU student-athlete, Marty experienced plenty of success on the tennis court. A member of the BU Athletic and the USTA Middle States Halls of Fame, Coach Coyne’s passion for his student-athletes and his dedication to their overall success is unparalleled. In May 2018 Marty was honored with BU’s Distinguished Service award for his work with Special Olympics and the Town Park Tennis Program. He also picked up PSAC East Women’s Coach of the Year honors as the Huskies posted a perfect conference record, the first since 2013-14. The Department of Athletics thanks Marty for his continued success and service during his 25 years. Marty will be retiring at the end of the spring season, and we wish him the best of luck in his transition.  ‒  Michael McFarland


Richard Ganahl

Richard has been a mainstay in the Department of Mass Communications for a quarter of a century. For much of that time, he has been the lone professor in the public relations area of the program where he has helped to propel countless graduates into successful careers. Richard is also the creator and advisor to BUNow, Bloomsburg University’s thriving student-run online news organization. His students continue to be impressed and positively impacted by the passion and enthusiasm he brings to his work every single day, and for that, his colleagues are also thankful.  ‒  Jason Genovese

Solange Garcia-Moll

Solange García-Moll joined the Department of Languages and Cultures at Bloomsburg University after receiving her Ph.D. in Spanish Literature from Temple University and her M.A. in Hispanic Studies from the University of Puerto Rico. Her area of expertise is Spanish Golden Age Literature (1500-1650). Solange has published articles and books which center around the work of this period, particularly with regard to the artistic visualization of the poetry of Luis de Góngora y Argote, renowned author of 17th-century Spain. She also published in the area of linguistics, including an updated edition of a project related to the language spoken in the Adjuntas region of Puerto Rico. She has earned grants from the College of Liberal Arts to maintain her research agenda. About service, Solange has served the department, college, university, and the community at both the local and international levels.  ‒  Christopher Donahue


Randall Presswood

Randall has built and rebuilt two of the finest performances venues in the state here at BU, and he has served as a consultant on several others throughout the region. At the same time, he created and nurtured a popular and successful Celebrity Artist Series that brings a wide variety of high-quality programming to our corner of the commonwealth for the enjoyment of thousands of patrons. His unusually broad knowledge of the technical and creative aspects of performance facility management, along with his dedication and hard work, have been rewarded by leadership roles in both regional and national organizations. ‒  Wayne Mohr


Timothy Rumbough

Tim Rumbough joined the communication studies department in 1993. Tim is an experienced professor and an outstanding classroom teacher. He continues to engage in research examining computer-mediated communication, exploring how social media is being used in times of disaster to disseminate disaster-related information. Whether Tim is chairing the department evaluation committee, chairing the department, serving as a member of Meet and Discuss, or serving the university as the interim director of advising, he brings a calm, quiet, hard-working, student-centered ethic to the task. His dedication to students is evident in and outside the classroom. More often than not, you will find him with a student working on a class project or assisting with advising concerns. He has long advised the Tennis Club, and just this year he started a new club for students to explore comedy improvisation. ‒ Kara Shultz

Neal Slone

A sociologist by training, Neal Slone taught in the criminal justice and sociology programs. Among colleagues, Neal’s honesty, vision, and creative thinking were assets. He put these qualities to use helping the sociology program through a major curriculum revision. As a professor, he was known for being a passionate educator who challenged his students. He was highly regarded even as he held his students to high standards because of his kindness and patience. Advising and mentoring were other strengths. Neal routinely had a line outside his office awaiting his counsel. He always made time for a student in need of an ear or academic support. And he did not fear to speak his mind, something beneficial to his students and his colleagues. Neal retired in August 2018 and is widely missed. We wish him well and very much appreciate his years of dedicated service. ‒ Christopher Podeschi

Raymond Yorks

Ray has worked his entire career at the university in the plumbing shop. His interview with BU was in 1992 and Ray drove from Philadelphia in a snowstorm wearing a new suit and unbeknownst to him carrying a box with two left shoes. The following year Ray was hired due to his knowledge of steam systems – a critical system here at the university. Over his career, Ray has seen many changes in the university, like softball fields and tennis courts moved to upper campus, going to the front desk of a residence hall to see what work orders were entered into the copybook. Ray has endured many pipe breaks and floods to repair and restore the infrastructure at the university. Over the last 25 years, Ray has been a key part of the Facilities Department. Thank you, Ray, for your service at Bloomsburg University. ‒ Jeremy Campbell

Employees celebrating 20 years of service

Michael Badolato
Tina Barnes
Diane Benshoff
Theresa Bloskey
Stacie Bond
Ruth Butz
Stephen Clickard
Elizabeth Graboski

Brenda Hutton
George Kinzel
James Krause
Susan Melchiorre
Gretchen Osterman
Darlene Perner
Betty Rambo

Patrick Ryan
Michelle Slusser
Peggy Snyder
Claudia Thrush
Lyndee Tyson
Carol Whitenight
Dale Whitenight

Employees Celebrating 15 Years of Service

Joseph Andreacci
Kim Barton
Kristen Brubaker
Debra Chamberlain
Sharon Coombe
Clay Corbin
Gary Hardcastle

Jerrold Harris
Kathleen Heitzman
Samuel Josuweit
Robert Lewellyn
Steven Lynn
Michael Magaw
Frank Michaels

Anna Miller
Debra Newman
Michael Patte
Loreen Powell
Jennifer Raup
David Simpson
Pamela Smith

Stephen Speer
Andrew (Blair) Staley
Michele Stout
Neil Strine
Leonard Tomashefski
Catherine Wagner
Debra Yablonski

Employees Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Joann Bowman
Brad Brown
Christopher Cavallini
Neil D’Amato
Marie Docier
Alisa Dodge
Peter Doerschler
Bernard Empie
Naz Afarin Fallahian

Bradley Featherman
Tess Fosse
Donna Gillaspy
Jason Gottstein
Edwin Gunshore
Sandra Heier
Nada Jevtic
Jennifer Johnson

Asa Kelley
Peter Krum
Mark Law
Stuart Marvin
Marie Miller
Mindi Miller
Timothy Pelton
Dawn Ritter

Tracey Schmidt-Jaynes
Brian Seely
Sarah Tratthen
Noah Wasielewski
Amanda Wenner
Jennifer Whisner
Stephen Whisner
Qing Yue

Employees Celebrating 5 Years of Service

Mindy Andino
Archita Banik
Diane Barrett
Rachel Baylor
Amanda Biddings
Sheila Bingaman
William Blanden
Wendy Boyer
Frederick Chandler
Keenan Chesnick
Benjamin Cook
Patricia Cooper
Beverly Deitrich
Robin Drogan
Shiloh Erdley-Kass
John Fedorko
Jodi Fetterolf

Rebecca Fidrick
Marcus Gordon
Leonard Granda
Kenneth Hall
Laura Heger
Martin Horkey
Fan Jiang
Kindra Kelly
Amanda Kern
Michael Kessler
Candice Klingerman
Thomas Kresch
Ronald Lambert
Mary Jo Larcom
Eric Lesneskie
Jared Lewellyn
Jennifer Lindsley

Kristin Lizor-Granda
John Loonan
Brooke Lylo
Christopher Lynd
Abigail Manns
Diane McCormick
Joan McDonald
Michael McElroy
Linda McWilliams
Eric Miller
Debra Minzola
Robert Moschgat
Jonathan Oliver
Nicole Porter
Angela Rincon
Daniel Roesch
Beth Rogowsky

Scott Roper
Judy Rostucher
Nancy Rothermel
Candy Ryan
Kristy Sands
Heather Scharf
Lori Schmidt
William Schwindinger
Bridget Scranton
David Sidler
Christopher Sones
Scott Sones
Debra Stayer
Laurie Tomsho
Susanne Voyton
Steven Welch
Brandi Yagle