Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources


Melissa Cheese

Melissa Cheese, Ed.D., associate professor of reading and mindfulness practice, was interviewed for a podcast titled “Promoting Student Success and Retention” on Future Insight in April. Future Insight, a monthly podcast for educators, explores national and international education trends, twenty-first century workforce demands, and current research relative to student college and career readiness. Additionally, in March she received the PA-NOSS Award for Outstanding Service to Developmental Students at the annual conference for the National Organization for Student Success.

Youmin Lu

Youmin Lu, Ph.D., professor of mathematical and digital sciences, has published the following paper with his colleagues Huiqin Chen, Yaqiong Cui, Shugui Kang and Wenying Feng in the journal of Studies in Applied Mathematics: Existence of solutions for a class of fractional difference equations at resonance. Studies in Applied Mathematics is an SCI indexed journal and its impact factor is 3.108.

Michael Shepard

Michael Shepard, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences, is the first author of a new paper published in the Planetary Science Journal (published by the American Astronomical Society). Entitled “Asteroid 16 Psyche: Shape, Features, and Global Map”, the paper investigates a large asteroid thought to be made of metal, a type of object never seen up close. 16 Psyche is also the target of the upcoming NASA Psyche mission which launches in Aug 2022. Shepard’s shape model of Psyche is being used by mission planners to prepare for the spacecraft arrival in early 2026.