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Faculty Scholarship

John Polhill

John Polhill, professor of mathematical and digital sciences, recently published a paper, “Relative and almost linking systems” in Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. This work was a collaboration with mathematicians from University of Richmond and Sam Houston State University. The journal publishes papers in which combinatorics and algebra interact in a significant and interesting fashion.

Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, recently published a paper, “Microbial esterases and ester prodrugs: An unlikely marriage for combating antibiotic resistance” in Drug Development Research. This work was a collaboration with a chemist at Butler University. Drug Development Research publishes research papers and review-type articles covering drug development: from target identification and validation and structure–activity relationship studies, through to post-market clinical reports.

Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus

Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, professor of language and cultures, has published the article "Metáforas judías en "La herencia" de Janette Becerra y "Gothan" de Marta Aponte Alsina (Jewish Metaphors in the short stories of Janettte Becerra ("La herencia") and Marta Aponte Alsina ("Gothan") in Diane Martin, Eva Paris and Yamile SIlva, Historia y Empoderamiento Femenino (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Editorial del Ministerio de la mujer, '18) and a book review, Subversion of the American Century: Filipino Literature in Spanish and the Transpacific Transformation of The U.S. in Chasqui (Revista de Literatura Hispanoamericana, May '18.)