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Faculty Scholarship

Matthew Polinski

Matthew Polinski, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, recently had his research published in Inorganic Chemistry. The communication, “[Ag2M(Te2O5)2]SO4 (M = CeIV or ThIV): A New Purely Inorganic d/f-Heterometallic Cationic Material” included recent chemistry graduate Todd Poe as first author. This was a collaboration with scientists from Florida State and Creighton University.

Michael Hickey

Michael C. Hickey, Ph.D., professor of history, participated in the Notre Dame Workshop on the History of the 1917 Revolution held at the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Studies at Tel Aviv University (Israel) on May 27 to 28. The workshop brought together 10 scholars from England, France, Israel, Russia, and the U.S. for intensive discussion of participants' new research on the Russian Revolution.

Blair Staley

Andrew Blair Staley, CPA, MST, professor of accounting, passed a six-part exam to become an AccessData Certified Examiner. The training leading to certification educates forensic professionals in new technology used in fraud investigations. Staley has taught in the Department of Accounting's pioneering fraud investigation program since its inception in 2003.