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Having a space reserved, how do I get tables and chairs set up for my event?

If tables and chairs are needed for your event, or any other unique support, the request is made separate from the space reservation process. The requesting faculty/staff member is responsible for requesting and/or making arrangements for:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Technology support / equipment
  • Parking
  • Police/security
  • All other needs

Tables, chairs, and custodial coverage

Requests must be placed a minimum of two business days prior to the event via a work order request. If a work order request is not submitted prior to 48 hours your space reservation may be cancelled.

Technology support requirements should be finalized at least 14 days prior to the event date by contacting:

  1. For AL 103 Schweiker Room: Circulation Desk Supervisor at 570-389-4220
  2. For Classroom spaces: Technology Support Services at 570-389-4357

Parking support and security arrangements must be made through the Bloomsburg University Police Dept. by calling ext. 2211.

The individual or group reserving the space is responsible for:

  • Damage/Loss: Damage occurring in a room and/or loss of equipment during facility or an organization’s use will be charged to the group or individual responsible for the reservation.
  • Security: When there is an event such as a dance, concert, or major campus function, a University Police officer must be present. The University Police require a 10-day processing period prior to the event. Charges for security apply.