Building Access: Obtaining a Key

Building Access: Obtaining a Key

Faculty and staff members are assigned key(s) or an access card(s) for their office, work area(s). Other keys and access cards may be assigned depending on teaching assignments, job duties, and areas of responsibilities. To obtain key/card access to a secured area one must complete a key and card access control form and obtain the appropriate approvals.

The Key and Card Access Control form can be obtained from Facilities Management or from your respective department head. Upon completion and approval, return the request form to the Facilities Management. In most cases, cards will be available within 24 hours and keys within three days. Cards and keys must be picked up in person at Facilities Management, Buckingham Maintenance Center.


This form is for requesting key, card access and core changes only. Should you need a new BU photo ID card, please contact the BU Card Center located in Elwell Hall. Direct card access authorization questions contact the Key Control Officer 570-389-4542

  • Fill out form with the requestor’s name, employee ID no., campus mailing address, department, cost fund center, phone no. Select faculty, staff, or graduate assistant. Enter the name of department chair/director and Dean. Indicate the key, card access or core no. required, its location, room number and description and door number and the reason for the request. For card access controlled doors indicate the building number, description and which categories are to be activated. Note: access control locks that require the insertion of an ID card have 24/7 access only.
      » 24/7 — Allows access 24 hours a day everyday (*)
      » Early Access — Allows access from 4am until the door automatically unlocks (weekdays only*)
      » Late Access — Allows access from when the door automatically locks until 10 p.m. (weekdays only*)
      » Saturdays — Allows access on Saturdays (indicate the time frames needed*)
      » Sundays — Allows access on Sundays (Indicate the time frames needed*)

    (*) Access is granted during normal working days only during the academic year unless the “Access on non-academic day?” box is checked

    Access on non-academic days? — Indicate if the requestor is allowed access on days that the University is on a scheduled break or is not in session.

  • Submit form to the Department Chairperson/Director and Dean for approval.
  • Send form to the Key/Card Access Control Officer at Buckingham Maintenance Center.
  • Key/Card Access Control Officer will evaluate the request, make a recommendation, and forward the request to the Asst. VP for Facilities Management.
  • The Asst. VP for Facilities Management will approve/disapprove the request and return the request form to the Key/Card Access Control Officer at the Buckingham Maintenance Center.
  • The Key/Card Access Control Officer will issue a M.W.O. if the request is approved by the Asst. VP for Facilities Management.
  • Notification will be sent to the requestor once the key(s) or core changes are ready for pick-up.
  • Key(s) must be picked up by the requestor within ten (10) days after notification. Photo ID is
    required to receive the key(s).

Two keys/card access/core changes for the requestor may be requested on one request form. Keys will be issued only to the requestor and must remain in the possession of the requestor except as noted in the Key Control Policy or until they are returned to the Key Control Officer. Once card access is authorized per request, the card must remain in possession of the requested.