Exercise Science (B.S.)

Exercise Science (B.S.)

Exercise Science

Bloomsburg University's exercise science bachelor's degree program, unique among PASSHE, is designed to prepare students for the wide range of careers in the growing field of wellness and fitness. This challenging and demanding program leads to careers in education, corporate wellness programs, cardiac rehabilitation, health care, sports medicine and research environments.

Emphasis is on the interpreted aspects of wellness and fitness, gerontology, nutrition, stress management, alternative medicine and therapies and cardiac rehabilitation in a rapidly evolving professional field. Major national corporations and graduate programs actively recruit BU students from this program.

Many large companies, concerned with the health and productivity of employees, seek exercise science professionals to develop and manage corporate wellness facilities; other graduates go on to establish their own businesses in the personal training and fitness field or into sports medicine.

A number of leading universities, including BU, offer graduate study in exercise science and adult fitness involving clinical and research internships to encompass the full spectrum of health, including cardiac rehabilitation, physiological assessment and training for optimal performance.

Student factors that suggest a high probability of success in:

  • strong interpersonal skills
  • an intense desire to help others
  • versatility in individual skill and fitness abilities
  • and strength in sciences, particularly those related to anatomy and physiology

Our faculty offer advisement to assist students in tailoring a specific program of study to prepare for career objectives.

Course Requirements
General Education Worksheet for Exercise Science