Department of Exceptionality Programs

Department of Exceptionality Programs

Bloomsburg University's Department of Exceptionality Programs offers several options for undergraduate and graduate study, including ample opportunities for classroom and field-based study and experiences through partnerships with area schools, intermediate units, organizations, and community events.

Through the College of Education's Conceptual Framework vision, the Department of Exceptionality Programs develops students into transforming educators and interpreters who not only effectively manage constant change but also meet the individualized needs of their future students and adults.

The ASL/English Interpreting Program is a rigorous four-year interpreter education program. This program prepares students to interpret in various settings upon graduation. Students first learn ASL skills, then later in the program, they learn how to interpret between ASL and English. The students are instilled with the values of life-long learning.

The Special Education Program offers both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain teaching certification in Special Education (PK-8) and Early Childhood Education (PK-4). Undergraduate students earn a B.S. degree with dual certification. Options for graduate students include an M.S. in Special Education (M.S.) and an M.Ed. with dual certification or advanced certification. We also offer a non-degree advanced teaching certification in Special Education (PK-8 and/or 7-12) for certified teachers and a Special Education Supervision Certification. These programs are accredited through the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

The Education of the Deaf/HH Program has three different programs within this area of study: a) the 13-month graduate Master of Science in Education of the Deaf/HH (N-12), b) the undergraduate BS Dual Deaf/HH (N-12) and Early Childhood Education (PK-4) teacher certification, and c) a career concentration in Education of the Deaf/HH. Both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare prospective classroom and itinerant teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students in oral, total communication and bilingual environments. The teacher certification programs are accredited through the CEC and Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED) as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). The undergraduate Deaf Education teacher certification program is the only one in Pennsylvania.

Coordinator, Robin Drogan | 570-389-4877