Employee of the Month Winners, 2020-21

Employee of the Month Program

The Employee of the Month recognizes those individuals who serve BU in an exceptional manner with outstanding service through his or her work and a positive and supportive attitude.

To nominate a deserving individual for the award, visit the employee of the month nomination page.

May 2021

Ms. Stacey Newell, graphic designer in the Office of Marketing and Communications. is the Employee of the Month for May 2021.

In his nomination of Stacey for this award, Tom Kresch, Jr. in our Admissions office wrote: “Stacey has always displayed outstanding enthusiasm for her job and an incredible amount of pride in her designs. Her contributions to marketing and communications have enhanced our recruitment process in the Admissions office. And though we make requests in high volume, Stacey is always ready to help and excited to contribute.”

Tom continued: “Stacey is the primary graphic designer for our print materials. Her attention to detail, creativity, and willingness to try new projects have helped our office develop an outstanding suite of collateral we use to recruit prospective students. She’s designed a wide variety of items, including (but certainly not limited to) postcards, posters, brochures, and t-shirts - essentially anything we’ve sought. In a competitive recruitment market, Stacey has helped provide our office with materials that stand out. Stacey has proven to be an outstanding BU employee because of her effort and the attitude she brings to work every day. Her sense of enthusiasm and positivity has made the development process an enjoyable one.”

Congratulations to Stacey Newell, our Employee of the Month!

Stacey Newell

April 2021

Dr. Claire Lawrence, a professor in the Department of English, is the Employee of the Month for April 2021.

Thank you to Dr. Christina Francis, who nominated Dr. Lawrence.

In her nomination, Dr. Francis wrote: “Dr. Lawrence is an exceptional educator, one who cares deeply and equally about the quality of her students' education and their personal health and welfare. Her attention to both of these important components of our students' lives means that she puts in long hours to ensure that she lives up to the standards she has set for herself. Whether it's English 101 and first-year students, or the creative energies of senior-level Creative Writing students, Dr. Lawrence crafts a learning experience and educational atmosphere crucial to student success. The students love her for it.”

Christina continued, "In addition to her care for her students, she is also a treasured colleague within the English Department and an important advocate for Social Justice and Green Campus Initiatives on campus. Dr. Lawrence stepped up willingly to participate in the complex and sensitive conversations of consolidation, and I am proud to work with her in our efforts to engage students within the department through our Student Advisory Council (a model borrowed from Media and Journalism), and to build a more enticing web presence for our programs. She brings the same energy to her work with the Honors College. All students matter, and she's willing to roll up her sleeves.”

Congratulations to Dr. Claire Lawrence, our Employee of the Month!

March 2021

Ms. Beth Brennan, the executive associate to the AVP for Student Development and Campus Life, is the Employee of the Month for March 2021.

Beth was nominated for the award by George Long, Director of Diversity, Equity & Multicultural Affairs, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team.

George wrote in the nomination, "Beth is dedicated to those for whom she provides services. She is a wealth of knowledge; she always volunteers to direct us, assist us, and answer questions for us. Her knowledge about everything BU only matches her invaluable insight and professionalism. Most significantly, Beth never complains about her work, our requests, or the amount of work it might take to fulfill a request. In fact, she almost certainly will end an obligation by saying ‘sure’ – as in ‘not a problem.’ Most importantly, she is sincere. One day she may be helping someone with Zoom, and another day assisting someone with a signature for payment. She does it without hesitation. Last week one of our employees referred to her as the team's work mom because of the care she takes to help any one of us.”

Continuing, George added, "The most impressive aspect of Beth's contributions is her willingness to help. She volunteered to drive a member of our team to a family obligation hours away. She spends time in the local food pantry helping community members. She knows EVERYBODY, and everybody knows her. Her relationships with students, faculty, and staff are legendary from a new person's perspective. She has been invaluable to our team in more ways than we can count. Each DEI weekly team meeting begins with acknowledgments: recognitions/appreciation. I would say 90% of the recognitions/appreciations go first to Beth, and then we divvy out the rest to the team members who deserve them! She is a tremendous BU employee and has been for many years and in many capacities.”

Congratulations to Beth Brennan, our Employee of the Month!

Beth Brennan

February 2021

Ms. Jessica Heid, a compliance program coordinator in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, is the Employee of the Month for February 2021.

Jessica was nominated for the award by Rachel Shaffer and the Success Specialists staff.

Rachel wrote in the nomination, “Jess has been at the forefront of the HuskySuccess implementation process. She has patiently worked through many issues related to getting our student management systems to align properly. Jess shows positivity, patience, and a willingness to take time out of her day to meet with all BU community members about any issues or concerns that might exist in the HuskySuccess platform. We are often able to get a meeting with Jess the same day a problem arises — a rarity considering her workload.”

Rachel continued, “Jess has created training videos for faculty, staff, and students. She also maintains the HuskySuccess email account and works to help occasionally frustrated and upset users. She does all of this while maintaining a high quality of work and professionalism. Jess is a great example of the dedicated employees that work behind the scenes at BU. She always works to ensure we have the best possible product for faculty, staff, and most importantly, our students.”

As part of this recognition, Jessica will enjoy a $100 cash award, a reserved parking space for the month of the award, and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons. She will also be featured on our Employee of the Month webpage.

Congratulations to Jessica Heid, our Employee of the Month!

Jessica Heid

January 2021

Angela Ciucci, currently a staff member in the Honors College and formerly in the College of Science and Technology (COST), is January's employee of the month.

Angela was nominated for the award anonymously by a colleague in COST. The nominator wrote in the submission, “Professionalism and enthusiasm are two qualities you will see in Angela daily. Being one of the main contacts in the Dean's Office, she resolves issues and handles any job tasks thrown at her. At any given time, you can call Angela, and she will be more than willing to help in a timely manner. Angela oversees recruitment from all the majors within COST, and she does a phenomenal job, even when it calls for after-hour events. Several offices and administrators have praised her for going above and beyond.”

The nominator continued, “Often she will receive phone calls from parents and students who are upset regarding situations anywhere from scheduling to housing. She will give them an opportunity to explain the situation, include other offices if needed, and find a resolution. Angela is regularly in communication with alumni informing them of upcoming events and opportunities to help current students. Her organizational skills and ability to plan allow more alumni to accommodate their schedules and attend. She interacts with many different departments and individuals, and she is known campus-wide for her ability to take charge and allow BU to have a stronger sense of community.”

As part of this recognition, Angela will enjoy a $100 cash award, a reserved parking space for the month of the award, and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons. She will also be featured on our Employee of the Month webpage.

Congratulations to Angela Ciucci, our Employee of the Month!

Angela Ciucci

December 2020

Adam Killian, a staff member in the Office of Technology, is the Employee of the Month for December 2020.

Adam was nominated for the award by Professor Joe Andreacci, Provost Diana Rogers-Adkinson, Brooke Zeluskey (Provost’s Office), and Amanda Biddings (President’s Office).

Dr. Andreacci wrote in his nomination, “In early August 2020, our local Meet and Discuss approved to move the faculty promotion process online. Mr. Killian was a tremendous asset in quickly developing a way for BU faculty to submit their promotion materials electronically, given the short turn-around time. Adam makes BU a great place to work.”

Dr. Rogers-Adkinson and Brooke Zeluskey wrote, “Adam played a vital role in the university’s transition to working remotely during the COVID pandemic. He aided in creating multiple OneDrive and SharePoint sites for the Office of Academic Affairs. He has spent numerous hours working with staff and faculty at Bloomsburg, Mansfield, and Lock Haven. Adam has gone above and beyond expectations in his position, especially supporting Academic Affairs and faculty evaluations. With little notice, Adam created 53 individual faculty evaluation SharePoint sites, quickly responding to any technical issues. This Fall saw a particularly heavy load with the switch to online faculty evaluation, tenure, promotion, and sabbatical processes. Adam has also supported the creation of the NE Integration SharePoint site for the NE Integration Leadership Team.”

Amanda Biddings shared that “I have never once been met with a begrudging voice or tone when making multiple requests or changes to Adam. He continues to be upbeat and humors me with my many questions.”

As part of this recognition, Adam will enjoy a $100 cash award, a reserved parking space for the month of the award, and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons. Adam will also be featured on our Employee of the Month webpage.

Congratulations to Adam Killian, our Employee of the Month!

Adam Killian

November 2020

Jill Whitenight, a staff member in the Office of Student Success, is the Employee of the Month for November 2020.

Jill was nominated by Dr. Marty Wygmans, who writes, “Jill is the consummate professional – demonstrating thoughtfulness in all that she does. As a relatively new person at the University, I value her long history at BU. She uses that knowledge to help me (and others) navigate processes and procedures, and she keeps me out of ‘trouble’ by helping me understand why things are the way they are.”

Further, Marty writes, “Jill played a vital role in helping our areas in Student Success realign the workloads of the support staff in each of the office areas. It became apparent that we needed a system to improve our efficiency, morale, and daily workloads. Jill worked with each staff person to help us find and eliminate redundancy while keeping in mind the ‘fit’ of the person to the specific offices and tasks. Jill also consistently works above and beyond the expectations of her position, but one shining example was during the start of this unprecedented fall 2020 semester when Jill noticed another office frantically scrambling to prepare for Welcome Weekend. Recognizing the importance of the success of this event to our students and to BU, she immediately leaped into action, adding to her current workload and responsibilities to pitch in, recruit others, and get the job done.”

As part of this recognition, Jill will enjoy a $100 cash award, a reserved parking space for the month of the award, and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons. Jill will also be featured on our Employee of the Month webpage.

Congratulations to Jill Whitenight, our Employee of the Month!

Jill Whitenight

October 2020

Dr. Deborah John, the senior audiologist at the Center for Hearing & Balance, is the Employee of the Month for October 2020.

Deborah was nominated for the award by GayAnne Spezialetti, who writes, “During the pandemic, Dr. John was frequently fielding calls from patients regarding the services she provides at the on-campus clinic. I would frequently see her in a mask and gloves providing ‘curbside’ service to the elderly patients she sees in the clinic. She has also returned their calls, tried to troubleshoot their issues, so they didn’t need to leave their homes. She has continuously provided them with the excellent care they receive, even in these extraordinary circumstances. Hats off to Dr. John for going above and beyond!”

GayAnne continues, “Dr. John is a professional who represents the on-campus clinic far beyond her working hours. She provides students with outlets to practice their trade and also makes the clinic known in the community by attending health fairs, as well as various events such as the fair, and schools.”

As part of this recognition, Deborah will receive a $100 cash award, a designated faculty/staff parking space for the month of the award, and two meal vouchers at the Scranton Commons. She will also be featured on our Employee of the Month webpage.

Congratulations to Dr. Deborah John, our Employee of the Month!

Deborah John