Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences

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Bloomsburg University's Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences offers a hands-on, experiential undergraduate program with four degree options and two minor programs.

All courses are taught by faculty possessing terminal Ph.D. degrees in an environment, geography, or geology-related field, including many in specialties such as planning, oceanography, groundwater hydrology and meteorology.

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EGGS Department Contacts

Department Chairperson
  Michael Shepard | 570-389-4568

Department Secretary
  Cheryl Smith | 570-389-4108

127 Hartline Science Center


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Paleontology Internship

EGGS major lands competitive summer internship

Paleontology isn’t a typical career track for an environmental geoscience major, but that’s not stopping Keara Drummer from testing the waters this summer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Drummer, a junior, will be among the select few interning to help curators on the Royal Mapes Collection — a scientific collection of over 500,000 fossil specimens, mostly from the Upper Paleozoic of the central United States. She was one of six chosen for this highly competitive eight-week internship.

“It became a target because the internship does basically what I’ve been doing helping organize the EGGS paleo collection, except on a larger more professional scale,” Drummer said. “I enjoy the nature of the job, and I’m up for the bigger challenge. I’ve always had a fascination for museums as a kid.”


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