Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences

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We face a changing planet

  • Population growth to 9+ billion people by 2100
  • Greater demand for fresh water
  • Climate change induced floods and drought
  • Increased demand for natural resources
  • A necessity for innovation and conservation

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  • Do you like to work outside or in the lab?
  • Are you interested in new technologies?
  • Do you want to help build a better society?

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  • Personal, engaged faculty
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Programs of Study

Environmental Geoscience is a blend of geography and geology that prepares students for graduate school or careers focusing on water and the environment, such as water resources management, environmental consulting, watershed management, coastal or marine systems, and wetlands delineation and restoration.

Geosciences Minor is intended for students in any major interested in customizing their degree with a focus on mineral or fossil fuel resources, surface processes, environmental consulting, etc.

Geography and Planning prepares students for careers and for graduate school in a variety of specialties. This track is appropriate for students interested in cartography, urban, regional, or environmental planning, geographic information systems (GIS), resource management and valuation, parks and recreation.

Geography Minor is intended for students in any major interested in customizing their degree with a specialty, such as resource management, planning, recreation, environmental valuation, or hazard management.

Professional Geology is a traditional geology program that prepares students for graduate school or certification as a professional geologist (P.G.), working in careers, such as hydrogeology, natural hazard mitigation, mining, or fossil fuel exploration and production.

Earth and Space Science gives secondary education majors the required coursework to be certified in earth and space science. It's also a good choice for students seeking careers in science-related business, journalism or public policy.

Spatial Analysis and GIS Minor is intended for students in any major interested in customizing their degree with a focus on spatial analysis.

Hydrology Minor is intended for students in any major interested in obtaining expertise in water resources, conservation, testing, and management.

Jacques Weber Foundation Scholarship

This four-year award ($10,000 per year) is for an incoming first-year student with a record of outstanding academic achievement and has declared a major in environmental, geographical, and geological sciences. Students should submit a 300 to 500 word essay discussing the experiences that inspired their pursuit of this degree. Along with these minimum requirements, students must submit at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher, school administrator, or other mentor. The scholarship winner will be selected by the EGGS department. Renewable through senior year contingent upon maintaining good standing in the university and local community, an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, satisfactory progress toward the major, and submission of a yearly reflection letter to the foundation.

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