Saleem Khan, Professor

Saleem Khan, Professor

Saleem Khan

Department of Economics
Sutliff Hall 225 | 570-389-4684 |

Dr. Khan received his Ph.D. in Economics from Gutenberg University, Germany. Currently he is Professor of Economics and the Director of Russian Program in the Department of Economics at Bloomsburg University. He has taught several undergraduate and graduate courses at Islamabad University in Pakistan, University of Alaska, Chapman College in Los Angeles, California, and at Bloomsburg University.

He is active in instruction as well as in research. He serves on several editorial boards of national and international economics journals and is author of several scholarly articles, economic and education reports. He has also served as economic advisor to the Government of Pakistan, consultant on economic education to Tashkent University of Economics, consultant on economic education to the World Bank, and senior research economist to Canadian Government, Ottawa, Canada. He has wide ranging government and business experience, and has been awarded honorary doctorate by Finance University, and also honorary professorship by Tashkent university of Economics.

Research Interests:
Growth and Development, Globalization, Political Economy


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