Online Duplicating Requests - FAQs

Online Duplicating Requests - FAQs

Q. How will I know that my job was received in Duplicating Services?

A. Once the job was submitted; you will be directed to the “Order Submitted” page and prompted with your order number. Upon seeing this page, you will know your job was received in Duplicating Services. The order number can be used for tracking purposes on your job request.

Q. Can I make changes to a job once it is entered on the system?

A. No, you will need to contact Duplicating Services directly to have your order removed.

Q. Can I duplicate a print job that is similar to a job I have already placed, and reissue it again as a new request after I make some changes?

A. Yes, if the job still appears on your “My Files” list, you can simply add quantity and click “Add to Cart” to resubmit as a new job. Note: Any job previously submitted will kept in “My Files” for 18 months until re-submitted, where the expiration will be reset.

Q. Who should I call if I need help with placing an order?

A. Call Duplicating Services at Ext. 4212 for any questions.

Q. How will I know my job is complete?

A. Once the job was completed; you will receive an automated email letting you know your job is completed and ready to pick up.

Q. Can I still bring hard copy files to Duplicating?

A. Yes, you must complete the “Hard Copy Request” on our online ordering system and drop of your hard copy with your online order number.

Q. Can I send jobs from Microsoft applications directly to Duplicating?

A. Yes, you can submit any Microsoft application via our online system with “Submit with Attached File”. However, a PDF is recommended for most jobs. SurePDF is a quick and easy way to convert any file to a PDF.

Q. What is SurePDF

A. SurePDF enables you to use a Print dialog box workflow to produce accurate Adobe PDF files on your computer for automatic submission to the print center for output.

Q. How will I be invoiced for the jobs once they are completed?

A. All jobs will be invoice by adding an expense (chargeback) to your budget using the SAP cost center you provided when the job was entered. The expense will appear under "Chargeback Expenses 820100.” You will not receive a confirmation of this expense through the mail. You can review the details of chargebacks by going to your “Reports” and clicking the criteria you wish to view. The details of the Report will be generated in an .xls spreadsheet.

Q. Do I have to enter my job using this online method?

A. Yes, if your documents are not in an electronic format* you can still mail your requests to Duplicating Services as you have in the past. Simply enter your request online by either “Submit with Attached File” or “Hard Copy Request” from the online ordering home screen and continue the process with “Hard Copy Request”. Once you complete your request you will be given a job number. Affix the job number to the documents to be copied and either deliver to Duplicating or put in the campus mail. Please reference this job number with any email or phone correspondence with Duplicating Services.