Frederick Douglass Institute

Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence

Bloomsburg University's Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence, under the inspiration of Frederick Douglass and other distinguished leaders of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, promotes academic excellence among students and enhance their understanding and appreciation of human diversity.

The institute is part of the PASSHE collaborative established to enhance the academic life of participation universities and to enrich their campus climate. It enables all members of the university community to identify with a man whose life and work embody American democratic ideals and educational excellence.

The institute develops and implements collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching projects that enrich our general education and enhance the quality of our culturally diverse courses.

In addition, the Frederick Douglass Institute:

  • encourages students to take responsibility for their academic performance
  • encourages students to use Frederick Douglass as a model for their own academic achievement
  • helps to improve the retention and graduation rate of historically under represented students
  • promotes joint research projects among BU faculty and students with those in other PASSHE schools

Contact Us

Dr. Carolyn Reid-Brown
Assistant Professor
Director, Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI)

William P. Turner
Graduate Assistant, Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI)

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FDI Inaugural Creative Expressions Competition 20/21

Theme: Excellence Through Social Justice: Realities and Possibilities

Through the competition’s theme, all current BU students are invited to create an expressional piece that embodies the vision and mission of Frederick Douglass. The competition is intended to amplify the voices and perspectives of students from all disciplines making connections between social justice and culture, economics, education, history, and science. It encourages thoughtful reflection and critical thinking through creative expression in various mediums for the purpose of sharing experiences, highlighting democratic ideals, and moving audiences to action. Participants have the option of submitting work in the following categories: Essay, Fine Art, Music (Instrumental or Vocal Composition), Poetry/Short Story, Short Film (Documentary or Fiction), and Professional Coursework/Class Project.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.
Cash prizes will be awarded in each category.
For more details select the "Discover" tab from your BOLT homepage and self-enroll in “FDICEC20/21”

For more information contact:
Dr. Melissa Cheese
Frederick Douglass Institute (FDI)
Competition Coordinator

William Turner
FDI Graduate Assistant