The Board of Governors Tuition Scholarship

The Board of Governors Tuition Scholarship

The Board of Governors (BOG) Tuition Scholarship Program is committed to supporting and developing students in their pursuit of academic excellence. The majority of BOG scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Office to incoming freshmen students; the scholarship aims to assist students of various races with a portion of scholarships awarded to students majoring in science and technology. Incoming freshmen students should contact the Admissions Office for further information on the scholarship. Currently enrolled students who plan to apply for this scholarship must meet the criteria as listed below under application requirements and show financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Scholarship recipients are required to participate in structured academic, social and cultural programming dedicated to the enhancement of retention and graduation rates. More specifically, the structured programming has been designed to cultivate core strengths in the following areas:
• Community Engagement
• Career Preparation
• Personal Development
• Diversity Awareness

Application Requirements:

Currently enrolled students may apply if they:

  • are a resident of Pennsylvania
  • have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or higher
  • have completed one year, full time at Bloomsburg University
  • are in good standing with the Dean of Students Office
  • were accepted and remain enrolled at Bloomsburg University
  • have FAFSA form completed

Applicants must be CLE Level 1 completed.

Financial need will be determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

Mentor Program

The Board of Governors Mentoring Program seeks to ensure the success of all incoming board of governors scholarship recipients. The program pairs incoming scholarship recipients with a upperclassmen. Our job is to help facilitate freshmen scholars’ transition from high school to a university setting. We require our mentors to meet with mentees several times per month to ensure a fluid transition. Mentors’ requirements include tutoring mentees, directing mentees to available university resources, networking, and much more.

How to be a mentor

In order to become a mentor, we require junior or senior board of governors’ scholarship recipients to apply in the Office of Diversity and Retention or print out the form below. Mentors receive 7 ½ hours of community service upon completion of the mentoring program. Applicants must not be academic or social probation. Mentors must be available for both the fall and spring semester.

Advisory Board

The primary responsibility of the Board of Governor’s Advisory Board is to communicate the concerns and needs of our fellow Board of Governor’s students to the Assistant Director of Diversity and Retention.  In doing so we actively fulfill our secondary responsibility, which is to assist the Assistant Director of Diversity and Retention in decision-making in matters regarding the Board of Governor’s Program.  Thirdly, as a board we serve on sub-committees to address a variety of issues relating to the Board of Governor’s Program.  These committees are created as they become necessary for a specific purpose that is determined jointly with the board and the Assistant Director of Diversity and Retention. 

The Board of Governors Program emphasizes scholarship, leadership, and service.  It is our responsibility to apply these principles in all our actions as an Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Application


  1. All Full Board of Governors Scholars must complete a minimum of 15 community service hours each semester and all half Board of Governors Scholars must complete a minimum of 7.5.  Community service hours should be performed in the local area and may include campus placements.  Under extenuating circumstances projects in your home community may be approved.  Additionally, all community service hours must be completed at the same site.
  2. The community service proposal must be submitted prior to starting work. Until your community service plan is approved in writing via e-mail, do not assume that the plan is acceptable. 
  3. BOG community service hours must solely count for credit under the BOG Program and not be used to fulfill any other community service requirements.  For example: sororities, fraternities, etc.
  4. You must submit written documentation from your community service supervisor verifying that the service hours agreed upon were completed. Official documents are both in the Office of Diversity and Retention and online under the forms tab.
  5. If your plan for completing community service hours changes, you must submit a written notification to the Assistant Director of Retention and Diversity InitiativesMost importantly, keep in mind that once you sign up for community service you are required to complete your commitment.  Community service is an integral part of the BOG program.  Failure to complete community service is sufficient grounds for termination of your scholarship.
  6. All Board of Governors Scholars are required to attend assigned workshops each semester.

Forms and Publications