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Distance Education

Distance education at Bloomsburg University promotes professional practices that contribute to the quality and growth of all students who participate in distance education at Bloomsburg University.



The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) pertain to approval of distance education courses and programs offered across state lines by postsecondary institutions that already have degree authorization in their home state. Approved colleges or universities in a SARA state therefore only need their home state authorization to offer distance education to students in any other SARA member state, subject to certain limitations.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is an approved SARA institution, allowing BU to serve students participating in online education and field experiences in all 49 SARA participating states, DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Please note that SARA has no effect on state professional licensing requirements. Visit the State Authorization web page for more information.

Online Readiness Survey

If you have not previously participated in an online course, you may wonder how well you are prepared for online learning. Even if you have taken online courses in the past, you may find it beneficial to take this online readiness survey to help you decide if your learning characteristics are conducive to online learning.

Online Technology Requirements

  •   Reliable Internet connection
  •   Internet browser compatible with programs utilized within each specific course
  •   Ability to download and install software, apps, and programs
  •   Ability to obtain hardware and software outlined in the syllabus of each distance education course. I.E. microphone, webcam, Microsoft Office, etc…

Online Programs and Certifications

  •   Master of Science of Instructional Technology
  •   eLearning Developer Certificate
  •   Digital Forensics Certificate
  •   Instructional Game Design Certificate
  •   Doctorate of Nursing Practice
  •   RN-BSN

Online Course Offerings

Please view our full listing of online courses per semester by clicking the "online" checkbox before clicking "submit" at http://adminapps.bloomu.edu/coursesearch/search. You may further filter your search by subject and days.

Online Resources

Visit the following links for academic and student services available online:

  •   Financial Aid
  •   Loan Counseling
  •   Gainful Employment Disclosures
  •   Policies and Procedures (PRP)
  •   Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES)
  •   Office of the Registrar – Enrollment Services
  •   Enrollment Dates
  •   Academic Calendar
  •   Refund Policy and Procedure
  •   Library – Online Resources
  •   BOLT support
  •   Technology Support
  •   BU Bookstore – textbook shipping available
  •   Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
  •   Graduate School Tuition and Fees
  •   Standard Graduate School Application Requirements
  •   Current Student Resources

BOLT and MyHusky

BOLT stands for Bloomsburg Online Learning and Teaching and is the Bloomsburg University online learning management system. You may find helpful BOLT tutorial articles and videos at the IMDC Infobase. You may also want to visit the or BOLT Student Support webpages for more assistance.

MyHusky is your online student portal to register for classes, pay bills, view and accept financial aid, and other related services and information. To access your MyHusky account, you must be a current student and log in using your HuskyID and HuskyID Password. Several MyHusky Tutorials are available for students such as the MyHusky Registration Tutorial, which explains how to confirm your enrollment.


BU strives to provide the highest quality educational programs available but recognizes the importance of providing an opportunity for students to make an appeal if a conflict does arise. Please view the Bloomsburg University complaint processes on our Dean of Students webpage and the State Authorization webpage.

Student Consumer Information

Please view information required of Bloomsburg University to be disclosed under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) on the Bloomsburg University HEA Student Consumer Information webpage.