Disability Services Provided

Bloomsburg University's Disability Services offers a wide range of activities designed to support and enhance the performance of students with permanent disabilities. The office also serves as an advocate for the student in issues of accommodation beyond the classroom and acts as a liaison with other campus offices. The need for a specific accommodation must be clearly established within the documentation provided by the student.

Services include but aren't limited to:

  • advanced course registration
  • accommodative testing
  • notetakers
  • scribes
  • sign language interpreters | Interpreter Request Form
  • oral interpreters
  • readers
  • auxiliary aids
  • adaptive equipment
  • Lecture Recording App – Glean
  • liaison between students and faculty in classroom accommodations
  • coordination of support activities with external agencies, such as vocational rehabilitation

Online coursework may result in a need for different accommodations. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis with documentation that's been provided and discussion with the student. It's important to contact University Disability Services at 570-389-4491 as soon as possible if you'll be requesting an online accommodation as it may require more time to arrange.

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