Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Continue your mission at Bloomsburg University

Do you...

  • like computers?
  • like to solve puzzles?
  • want to investigate crimes?
  • want to stop cyber criminals?
  • have a security clearance?
  • want to work for the government, defense contractors, or intelligence agencies?

BU has been designated a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.


It is one of the top Digital Forensics and Cyber-Security Programs in the country. Classrooms and labs have professional digital forensics software and hardware. Courses cover all aspects of digital forensics and security.

Bloomsburg University has five excellent and well-known faculty members dedicated to teaching courses in this field of study. They come with practical experience and deep knowledge in digital forensics, criminal investigations, network security and forensics, system security and penetration testing.

BU is where you...

  • Examine computers and smart phones
  • Recover deleted pictures, documents and internet activity
  • Explore hidden areas on hard disks
  • Trace network activity to find weaknesses and compromises 
  • Learn how to defend the country against cyber attacks


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Contact the Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences or 570-389-4500 for a visit.

Email questions to Scott Inch at

Military Friendly School
Military Friendly School

Job Opportunities

Digital Forensics graduates have an extremely high placement rate.  They work in law enforcement, government agencies, and the corporate world.  Graduates work at many major defense contractors, such as General Dynamics, Lockheed, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mantech, Leidos, SAIC, Bechtel, Textron, and CACI.  Corporate employees include CrowdStrike, Dell SecureWorks, Pfizer, Airbnb, Home Shopping Network, FireEye, Mandiant, Verizon, LDiscovery, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, and Epiq Systems.

Graduates work at governmental agencies concerned with national security such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade.

Law enforcement employers include local law enforcement, sheriff’s departments, district attorney’s offices, attorney general’s offices, and state police agencies.

If you have an active security clearance, you will be appealing to many of the companies and agencies listed above.  There are separate job fairs just for veterans and just for people with security clearances.  If you have an active clearance, there is a 100% placement rate.

Our graduates do important work such as:  Investigate hacking from foreign nations against the US, analyze terrorist hard disks and other media for the war on terror, and offensively hack foreign governments to protect the US.

What does it mean to you that Bloomsburg is designated military friendly?

Why did you chose digital forensics
as your major?

How has your military background helped you succeed in digital forensics?


Help win the cyber war!

“I chose digital forensics because I learned about human trafficking and wanted to do something to stop it.”

“I enlisted in the Army to make a difference, and that’s also why I chose digital forensics.”

“My military experience has helped me with digital forensics.  With my security clearance and a Digital Forensics degree the sky’s the limit!”

“My military experience, especially attention to detail, has helped me succeed as a digital forensics major.”

Out-of-State Licensure

Some U.S. states and territories may require a private investigator license to perform certain digital forensic examiner tasks. Bloomsburg University cannot confirm whether the BU digital forensics program meets the educational requirements for professional licensure as a private investigator in any jurisdiction at this time. We encourage you to contact your state Attorney General to seek guidance in determining whether there is a license requirement for digital examiners, and if so, to what degree the BU digital forensics program helps meet the requirements for PI licensure in the state where you intend to seek employment.