Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students

As an institution of higher learning and a community of persons with a special purpose, Bloomsburg University accepts its obligation to provide its members with an atmosphere which protects and promotes its educational mission and that guarantees its orderly and effective operation. To accomplish these goals, the University must require certain standards of conduct, both on and off campus, which are then expressed through the Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Process. In addition, Bloomsburg University students aspire to, follow and promote integrity, community, social justice, respect, and responsibility.

  • Integrity- Huskies exemplify honesty, honor, and respect for the truth in all of their actions.
  • Community- Huskies build and enhance their community; understand and appreciate how decisions and actions affect others and are just and equitable in the treatment of all members of the community.
  • Social Justice- Huskies respect the dignity of every person and act to discourage and challenge those whose actions may be harmful to or diminish the worth of others.
  • Respect- Huskies show positive regard for each other and for the community.
  • Responsibility- Huskies accept responsibility for learning, personal behavior, and future success, and appropriately challenge others to do the same. Huskies use good judgment, are trustworthy, and take personal responsibility for actions.

General Help

When students face challenges and obstacles that may prevent them from their academic pursuits, the Dean of Students office can help! When unexpected life events occur and you are in need of some assistance, support, someone to talk to, or just someone to listen, contact Jen Turnbough. Jen assists students with a wide range of situations, issues, or concerns that may have the potential to adversely affect their academic success or holistic growth as a student at BU. Detailed information!

Dean of Students
  Scott Kane | 570-389-4734
Associate Dean of Students
  Dallas Flint | 570-389-4984
Clerk Typist
  Michelle Makar | 570-389-4304

Kehr Union Building 101 570-389-4734

Sexual Misconduct

Bloomsburg University is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment where safety, health, and well-being are priorities for all. Sexual misconduct includes a range of acts that are perpetrated against an individual without consent or when an individual is unable to freely give consent. The University will not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct. All forms of sexual misconduct are serious offenses with serious consequences that violate the Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Process. Sexual misconduct complaints against students may be processed by the Office of the Dean of Students via the Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Process (Kehr Union Building, Room 101; 570-389-4734). Sexual misconduct complaints against employees and third parties will be processed by the Title IX Coordinator via the Harassment and Discrimination Policy (PRP 6814)


To report incidents of hazing to the University, use the online reporting form or call the Hazing Hotline (1-866-755-4293). You can remain anonymous.

Preferred Name Policy

In accordance with Bloomsburg University's mission of being an inclusive comprehensive public university that prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment, the University is issuing a preferred name policy.

Affirmed Gender Marker Policy

Safety Information

Information regarding our University's Annual Security Report along with Personal Property Insurance, a welcome letter from the Town of Bloomsburg and information from our University Police Department can all be found online. If you have any questions regarding any of the information, please feel free to contact us at the Dean of Students Office, 570-389-4734 or our University Police Department, 570-389-2211 or 570-389-4168. Additionally, if you would prefer any of this information in document copy form, just let us know and we will mail it to you.