Report of Hazing

The University’s primary concern is student safety. As such, any individual with knowledge of hazing involving themselves or others is encouraged to report the incident and may do so anonymously by using this form or by calling the hazing hotline at 866-755-HAZE (4293). The University will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to anonymous reports of hazing and to reports in which the reporting party requests that their name or identity not be revealed to the accused. The University’s ability to respond may be limited, including its ability to pursue disciplinary action against the accused organization or students, by the amount of information provided about the incident and the individuals involved.

Please note that while complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, the University will make every effort to maintain the privacy and identity of victims and reporting parties. Reporters and victims are strongly encouraged to identify themselves by name and may do so on this form.

The information you provide is used to assess student safety, assist in preventative efforts, and may be used as part of an investigation or student conduct process.

An individual may file an anonymous report by submitting this report form. All reports will be received by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Completing the form

All reporting information is optional. Please provide as much information as you know and are willing to report.

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