Dean of Students Faculty and Staff Resources

Dean of Students Faculty and Staff Resources


Dean of Students

Incident Report

To report an issue or incident regarding a student's conduct in your classroom, please fill out an incident report and forward it to Jim McCormack, acting vp of student affairs, at

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact The Dean of Students office at 570-389-4734. Thank You!

Students of Concern

You are NOT mandated to report mental health concerns. However, you may not want to take on the role of the main support network or that level of liability for a student. So, you can encourage a student to seek out other appropriate resources. Here is a quick reference guide for how to manage a situation with a student of concern.

The CARE Team

The CARE (Behavioral Intervention) team responds to students who exhibit erratic, disruptive, disturbing, or troubling behavior. When a student of concern is referred to the CARE team, members of the team work together to provide cross-departmental assistance and support.

Academic Integrity Policy

The updated Academic Integrity Policy form includes all of the options regarding an academic integrity violation. Please contact our office if you have any questions!

Academic Integrity Policy Form (.pdf) | (.docx)

Formal Judicial Hearing Process

Formal hearing boards convene to hear alleged charges brought against a Bloomsburg University student who has been accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct. The overall purpose of convening a formal hearing (also known as a University Judicial Board or a University Conduct Board), is to resolve conflicts between two parties.

These parties usually take on two forms:

  • Student to student conflict — An example of this scenario is physical abuse inflicted upon one student by another student. In this situation, the victim should have a desire to file a Student Code of Conduct charge against his/her assailant. In this case, the victim would meet with the Dean of Students staff and the administrative, preliminary process would begin.
  • University and student — An example of this type of conflict is when a student is cited off campus for a violation of Commonwealth law such as underage drinking, assault, etc. This scenario represents a conflict between the student and the University in that the student potentially/allegedly violated the Student Code of Conduct. In this case, a designated administrator would represent the University and state the case on its behalf during the formal hearing.