Criminal Justice Major Requirements

Criminal Justice Major Requirements

33-39 CREDITS for the criminal justice major

Foundation Courses for Criminal Justice (12 credits)

Course No.
Course Name
Semester Taken
CRIMJUST 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice


CRIMJUST 200 Criminology


CRIMJUST 255 Criminal Justice Research


CRIMJUST 260 Criminal Justice Statistics



Substantive Core Courses for Criminal Justice (18 credits)

(Note: 6 courses or 18 credits required from following list to meet substantive core course requirements)

Course No.
Course Name
Semester Taken
CHEM 105 Introduction to Forensic Science


CRIMJUST 212 Restorative Justice


CRIMJUST 230 Police and Society


CRIMJUST 240 Corrections in the US Justice System


CRIMJUST 300 Juvenile Delinquency


CRIMJUST 310 Penology


CRIMJUST 320 Victimology


CRIMJUST 330 White Collar Crime


CRIMJUST 340 Criminal Investigation


CRIMJUST 350 Community Corrections


CRIMJUST 360 Interview & Interrogation


CRIMJUST 400 Mass Media & Crime


CRIMJUST 410 Criminal Law


CRIMJUST 420 Crime, Social Inequality & Social Identity


CRIMJUST 430 Special Topics *


CRIMJUST 440 Death Investigation


POLISCI 446 Constitutional Law 1


CRIMJUST 450 American Street & Prison Gangs


CRIMJUST 470 Cults and Apocalyptic Movements



* Note: CRIMJUST 430 Special Topics can be taken more than one time for additional credits if the topic is different. Typical topics are Criminal Justice Ethics, Terrorism, Violence, Community Corrections, Organized Crime


Applied Experience for Criminal Justice (Pass/Fail 3-9 credits required)

Course No.
Course Name
Semester Taken
CRIMJUST 495 Criminal Justice Internship (prerequisite 18 CJ credits or permission)



Note: Criminal Justice Internship is normally taken after the junior year for 3 to 9 credits. One credit is equivalent to 40 hours at the placement site plus written requirements. See your advisor to select and schedule an internship