Conferences and Events for Student Clubs and Organizations

Conferences and Events for Student Clubs and Organizations

Each year student clubs and organizations host a variety of cultural, educational and social programs designed to enhance the college experience. Clubs and organizations should consider the following when planning and scheduling events.

campus offices

Booking Facilities and Support Services

Recognized student clubs and organizations should first meet with their advisor to discuss proposed event details and budget matters. At least three weeks in advance of your event, submit an advisor-approved room request through your group’s account in the online scheduling system.

Remember to complete both the “Location” and “Details” tabs before submitting your request. The “Details” tab is extremely important, because it reviews the room setup, audio-visual equipment and other needs. KUB staff will process your reservation request and schedule support services on your behalf.

If requesting use of classroom buildings and/or auditoriums, please contact the office of facilities scheduling.


Student clubs and organizations interested in conducting fundraisers are required to submit a completed Fundraising/Service Project Application before making a room request.

The following rules apply:
1. Funds raised by BU recognized clubs/organizations are to be used to expand the educational and recreational opportunities of the funding organization(s), and not to financially subsidize individual persons' interests, appetites, needs, or living expenses.
2. Door-to-door selling/solicitation in the residence halls is not permitted.
3. If you intend to advertise this event in the residence halls, fliers/posters must be brought to the Residence Life Office, lower ERH, for distribution. Residence Life staff will hang them up.
4. Credit card fundraiser events must be attended by students--NO PROFESSIONALS PERMITTED.
5. T-shirt and promotional items must be approved by Committee on Student Organizations Advisor (Kayla May) prior to the event being approved. Any Bloomsburg University trademarks must be approved by Tom McGuire or Irene Johnson.
6. Fundraisers/Service Projects CANNOT take place in food service areas or the Main Lobby of Kehr.
7. Permission must be obtained from the Vice President for Administration if any non-Pepsi beverage products are used in connection with the fundraiser where Pepsi products are available.
8. This fundraiser/service project form must be approved BEFORE reserving a location on campus. AFTER this forms is approved, you MUST reserve your desired location on EMS.
9. All fundraisers/service Projects must comply with all university, local, state, and federal regulations.
10. Each organization funded by CGA is limited to two different on-campus fundraising events per semester. Organizations not funded by CGA can have as many fundraisers as is feasible.
11. As of February 1, 2014, all small-games-of-chance, including raffles, are temporarily not permitted on campus due to recent PA state law changes. Fundraiser requests that include raffles or any other small- games-of-chance, will not be approved.
12. As of Spring 2015 bake sales are no longer permitted in Residence Halls.
13. Any individuals working with minors need to have the proper clearances and approvals.
14. All money collected from sales should be deposited in the organization’s Husky Fund Account. Checks should be made payable to "CGA-Husky Fund." The sponsoring campus organization/contact person can be placed in the memo line, if desired.


BU offers a variety of on-campus dining options, from continental breakfasts to full service banquets and boxed lunches. Our catering services are professional and imaginative.

To order refreshments, coffee/tea service, meals or linens for your event, you must receive approval from your department chair, dean, or vice president. Once approved, make arrangements through the Catertrax online ordering system.


  • Master BU Calendar: Events reserved through will automatically be entered into the BU Master Calendar.
  • Posting Advertisements in Residential Areas: If you’d like to post flyers or banners in residential areas they must first be approved by the Residence Life office.

    Once approved, submit your flyers/banners to that office for distribution. Residential areas include the Kozloff Apartments Community Center, Monty’s and the bulletin boards in all Residence Halls and on-campus apartment complexes.

  • BU's Student Newspaper, The Voice: Published weekly on Thursdays during the school year, The Voice seeks to inform the BU campus community about news, sports, events and entertainment on and around campus. The Voice is a student-produced newspaper.