Conferences and Events for Campus Offices and Departments

Conferences and Events for Campus Offices and Departments

Each year campus departments and offices host a variety of meetings, workshops and other special events designed to enhance the collegiate experience. Event planners consider the following when planning on-campus events.

Booking Facilities and Support Services

Campus Offices and Departments BU’s campus features meeting and learning facilities that are sure to fit your needs. Facilities include traditional classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms and multipurpose rooms. Faculty and staff may schedule an event online through VirtualEMS. Remember to complete both the “Location” and “Details” tabs before submitting your request. The “Details” tab is extremely important, because it reviews the room setup, audio-visual equipment and other needs. KUB or Monty’s staff will process your reservation request and schedule support services on your behalf.

Co-sponsorship with an External Organization

Events where campus offices, departments and/or divisions partner with external groups for events using university facilities and services are considered co-sponsored activities or events. Co-sponsorship responsibilities of campus department personnel include:

  • Prior approval of your department chair or dean, including cost-center/budget approval
  • All aspects of event coordination - facility & AV reservations, parking arrangements, catering arrangements, publicity, registration processing, housing assignments, outdoor events requests, outdoor and indoor directional signage, etc.
  • Your physical presence for onsite supervision during the event – representing the university’s interests
  • Costs associated with the event (room rental, custodial, technical, equipment, early opening, etc.)


BU offers a variety of on-campus dining options, from continental breakfasts to full service banquets and boxed lunches. Our catering services are professional and imaginative. To order refreshments, coffee/tea service, meals or linens for your event, you must receive approval from your department chair, dean, or vice president. Once approved, make arrangements through the Catertrax online ordering system.