Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee

BU's Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee serves as the faculty recommending body to the College of Liberal Arts on all matters affecting the development, modification, change, adoption, and implementation of the curriculum. LACC is responsible for acting upon curricular proposals at the department-wide level and serves as a coordinating committee of the curricular proposals emanating from all components of the liberal arts academic community. In acting upon curriculum proposals from the College of Liberal Arts, LACC reviews and make recommendations on:

  • The additions or deletions of courses
  • Change in title, number, prerequisites, or other protocol for a course
  • The addition or deletions of degree programs
  • Changes in requirements for degrees, majors, minors, and career concentrations
  • The designation of a sequence or group of courses such as general education, honors programs, or programs within or among departments

Tutorial - Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee

Filling Out Proposals for Modification, Discontinuation or Addition of a Course/Program

LACC Faculty Members

Erin Brummett (Communication Studies)

Dennis Frohlich (Mass Communications)

Mary Jo Larcom (Psychology)

Mykola Polyuha (Language and Cultures)

Anne Dyer Stuart (English)

Seokwon Yoon (Social Work)


Values Rubric
Bloom's Taxonomy
PRP 3224: Course Numbering Guidelines
PRP 3230: Course, Co-Curricular Learning Experience, and Academic Program Development Policy and Proposal Requirements
PRP 3233: Required Format for Master Course Syllabi for BUCC Approval
PRP 3264: Student Course Requirements and Progress Information

Proposal Examples

Add Distance Education
Certificate Modification
Graduation Requirements
New Course
Major/Minor Change
Checklist Update
Update Master Course Syllabus Only

Meeting Time

To be determined.