Termination and Removal from Education Field Experiences

Termination and Removal from Education Field Experiences

College of Education Policy 1.15 (Teacher Education Admission, Progression and Retention Board) establishes a process for denial of access or the removal of a candidate from a teacher education program at this University. A candidate may be denied or dismissed from an education program as a result of his/her termination from a field experience or from a course.

A removal is a very serious matter and a candidate may be asked to leave or not return to a field placement or course experience without prior notice. If a situation arises that could possibly be grounds for a candidate being removed from a course experience or field experience the relevant Department Chairperson(s) and faculty field experience coordinator will work to assess the situation, create a plan of action for changing targeted behaviors which have been questioned, or remove the candidate from the experience.

Where applicable, a candidate may be temporarily suspended from a field experience or course of study until the necessary coordination of a meeting to initiate procedures outlined in COE Policy 1.15. Appeal processes are also outlined within this policy.

In the instance the candidate is found to be acting in a way that endangers children, is in violation of school or University policies, is in violation of the law, or shows disrespect and insubordination towards local public school or University personnel, s/he may be removed or terminated from field experiences at the discretion of the University.

The following conditions provide examples of, but are not limited to what constitutes justifiable cause for an unscheduled removal:

  • disregard for the Pennsylvania Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators (PDE, 1991),
  • failure to abide by the field experience guidelines established by the Teacher Education Unit,
  • failure to demonstrate appropriate teaching dispositions as established by Bloomsburg University COE,
  • disregard for the policies and procedures established by the host school district,
  • inability to build and maintain a positive relationship with the host school or cooperating teacher,
  • breach of confidentiality,
  • unsatisfactory instructional performance within a school district,
  • the candidate’s inappropriate use of technology, including on-line activity.