Stem Endorsement

Add a STEM Endorsement to your education degree.  While not a certificate, an endorsement will further prepare you to teach STEM subjects in school.  The College of Education STEM Endorsement is approved by PDE for PK4 and Mid-Level pre-service candidates at the undergraduate level.  It is also available for those in the profession who are going for a graduate degree.

What is an Endorsement?

According to PDE:  “Following approval by the Department of Education, baccalaureate or graduate degree-granting institutions, alone or in cooperation with other institutions, community colleges, or school entities, may offer short programs (12 credits maximum) that lead to the Program Endorsement.  The Program Endorsement documents knowledge in new and emerging areas where formal certification does not exist.  The Program Endorsement is intended to improve an educator’s skills in addressing complex classroom settings and challenges.  These endorsements are added to existing Level I or Level II Certificates but are not required to perform service in these areas.”


 STEM careers are growing at 17% rate as compared to other occupations at 9.8%. STEM degree holders have a higher income than non-STEM careers. STEM develops critical thinking, science literacy, and has become the greatest need in schools because if it is not improved, the U.S. will fall in world ranking with math and science scores.

Learning to teach STEM well will not only add to any portfolio, but it will instill a spark in students to pursue a career that will make invaluable contributions to our nation’s STEM field.



ELEMED 340: Teaching Math 1-4

ELEMED 331: Teaching Science & Env Ed

EDFOUND 204: Ed Computing & Tech

ELEMED 496: STEM Practicum



ELEMED 351: Teach Middle Level Science & Math

SECED 452: Teach Math Sec Sch OR SECED 453: Teaching Science Sec

EDFOUND 204: Ed Computing & Tech

ELEMED 496: STEM Practicum


Who do I contact to find out more information?

Dr. Todd Hoover

Dr. Kimberly Bolig