Minor in Legal Studies

AACSB Accreditation

Administered by: Department of Accounting, Business Law Program

Zeigler College of Business, Sutliff Hall

Program coordinator, Dr. Loren Selznick

e-mail: lselznic@bloomu.edu

Telephone: 570-389-4899

About the program

Law is fundamental to all aspects of contemporary society. The minor in legal studies provides an interdisciplinary framework for undergraduate students of all majors to investigate the cultural influences, ethical foundations, scientific advancements, and the governmental administration of law, along with the interplay between law and business. The courses in the minor enable students to understand the law and its myriad applications in the United States and around the world. It enhances the ability of graduates to think critically, resolve conflicts, understand the regulatory system, and participate in public policy decision-making.

Legal Studies Minor (LSM) interdisciplinary advisory board:

John Hintz, Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences
Steven Hales, Philosophy
Danny Robinson, English
Kelly Roth, Criminal Justice
Loren Selznick, Accounting - Business Law Program
Neil Strine, Political Science
Mark Usry, Accounting - Business Law Program

Program information

Description and Requirements