Chemistry and Biochemistry Programs of Study

Chemistry and Biochemistry Programs of Study


Bloomsburg University's chemistry and biochemistry department offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program options.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Chemistry and Biochemistry Programs

Chemistry Program Goals

Upon completion of a degree in chemistry, students will be able to:

  • Gather, interpret, and disseminate data appropriately
  • Retrieve, utilize, and apply a variety of chemistry resources appropriately
  • Recognize and minimize potential chemical and physical hazards in the laboratory
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    BS in Chemistry — The BS in Chemistry is the program most commonly pursued by chemistry majors at Bloomsburg. It provides a broad exposure to all major areas of chemistry as well as options for experience in chemical research, some specialty fields and certifications.

    BS in Chemistry - ACS — Completion of a research component will allow a student’s degree to be certified by the American Chemical Society. Students completing this program are particularly well prepared to pursue graduate studies or employment in industry.

    BS in Chemistry - Nanotechnology Option — Students interested in the science of nanotechnology will spend one semester at Pennsylvania State University, taking 18 credits of nanotech courses. This offers students an opportunity to gain additional skills in an advancing technological field with a growing need for skilled workers.

    BS in Chemistry - Biochemistry Option — Students interested in both biology and chemistry can pursue a specialized program in biochemistry. This is popular with students interested in attending medical and dental schools after graduation. Both standard and ACS certified tracks are available. Students have the opportunity to be awarded certification by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, ASBMB.

    BA in Chemistry — The BA program provides a three year exposure to the core of the chemistry curriculum. Students can double major in chemistry and another discipline, or they can participate in the 3:2 program in engineering.

    BS in Education - Chemistry Certification— Students interested in teaching high school chemistry pursue a program that awards them a BS in Education and the equivalent of a BA in Chemistry. The program features a capstone course entitled The Chemistry Curriculum and the Teaching Laboratory, the only course of its kind in the State System.

    Physician Preparation Program — A combined Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry-Doctor of Osteopathy dual degree program that can be either three years at Bloomsburg University plus four years at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), or four years at Bloomsburg plus four years at PCOM.

    Minor in Chemistry — A study of chemistry is a requirement of many of the sciences. Some science students extend their studies in chemistry by completing a minor.