Center for Financial Analysis Community Outreach

Center for Financial Analysis Community Outreach

Economics Pennsylvania


Economics Pennsylvania is the premier not-for-profit economic education and financial literacy organization in the Commonwealth. The organization uses their regional field representatives to develop and deliver educational programs for teachers and students.

Stock Market Game

Stock Market Game was developed in 1970s by a University of Buffalo professor. Each year, over 750,000 students compete nationally and more than 40,000 students in Pennsylvania compete in these competitions.

CFA Workshop

The game generates student enthusiasm by providing an “online simulation of Wall Street trading and sets up a framework for teaching students about the American economic system” (from Economics PA materials). Economics PA is the only licensed distributor of the Game in Pennsylvania and is recognized as Top 10 Premier Partner of SIFMA (the creator of SMG).

The workshop teaches high school teachers the basics of the Game and how to conduct it successfully in the classrooms. Since Fall 2012, the Center for Financial Analysis has hosted Economics PA as it conducts its SMG training for local high school teachers.

(In this picture) Carolyn Shirk, vice president of Economics Pennsylvania, leads a professional development workshop in the Sutliff Hall’s Center for Financial Analysis.

The next seminar is scheduled for Jan. 26, 2016.

Rural Business Innovation Corporation

Rural Business Innovation Corporation

Rural Business Innovation Corporation (RBIC) is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation whose mission is to facilitate the start-up of microenterprise businesses by providing direct loans, education and assistance to prospective business owners. Its service area is a seven county area in North Central Pennsylvania.

As one of the services of RBIC, the organization administers a loan workout program for borrowers who have difficulties fulfilling their financial obligations. RBIC matches eligible clients with professors and his/her students from partnering universities, including Bloomsburg University, to assist in various business skills, such as accounting principles, finance & debt management, business practices, sales and marketing, and industry research.

In addition, several of our students have interned with RBIC and business clients directly, where they were responsible for assisting local entrepreneurs with various stages of business plans, financial statement analysis, etc.

In the process of reaching out to the local business community, the students gain valuable hands-on experience in working with small businesses, apply concepts learned in class to real-world situations, and participate in integrative networking opportunities between the Zeigler College of Business, economic development organizations, and local entrepreneurs.