Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Center for Diversity and Inclusion


Campus Diversity

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Affairs and Support Services
  Marcei Woods, Coordinator |
Multicultural Affairs
  Madelyn Rodriquez, Director |
  KUB 29 | 570-389-4510
International Education Services
  Madhav Sharma, Director |
  Old Science, Room 127 | 570-389-4831
LGBTQA Resource Center - Sexual & Gender Diversity
  A. Malik Muhammad |
  ERH 141 | 570-389-3933
Military and Veterans Resources
  Bob Heckrote |
Women's Resource Center
  Albra Wheeler |
  1st floor Schuylkill Hall | 570-389-5283
Dean of Students
  Donald Young |
  KUB 101 | 570-389-4734

Bloomsburg University's Center for Diversity and Inclusion promotes a supportive campus climate that fosters the personal and professional growth of students from all backgrounds. With this, the center strives to provide enriching experiences that celebrate different culture and perspectives.

Through various programming efforts and activities, the center offers opportunities for all diverse members of the campus community to become empowered and to thrive at Bloomsburg University.

International Education Services

International Education Services (IES) is committed to providing all students, domestic and international, with opportunities to actively participate and expand their global awareness through various cultural and diversity themed programs and activities.

LGBTQA Resource Center

Through Student Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Students, the LGBTQA Resource Center is committed to making Bloomsburg University a safe and welcoming space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, and allied students. This is done through education, programming, advocacy and public policy.

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center provides programming and educational services that address specific challenges to all students and issues faced by historically underrepresented individuals and groups, including African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Chicano and indigenous descent, disabled, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender individuals, women and religious groups.

Women's Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center is dedicated to improving the status of women students at Bloomsburg University. We do so through the development and implementation of educational programs, community outreach, victim advocacy, and referral services.

Military and Veteran Resources

The Office of Military and Veterans Resources is your one-stop-shop for all things “military” at Bloomsburg University. The office is open to anyone; we typically deal with current and former military members, spouses or dependents of service members, and anyone who is a military supporter. We have a dedicated lounge space for people to relax in; we have coffee, computers, and good company.

Cultural Affairs and Support Services

Cultural Affairs and Support Services advocates for underrepresented students. It provides support and structure that facilitates student achievement through programming and networking in an effort to increase their academic and social awareness.