Academic Internships – FAQs

Internships FAQ

Academic Internships – FAQs


Follow these steps:

1. Schedule and meet with your faculty adviser to discuss your interest in completing an academic (for credit) internship. Review eligibility and other specific department and university requirements with your adviser.

2. Create a professional resume. While not a requirement for all internships, it is helpful to submit a resume with your application.

3. Find and apply for internships.

4. Complete the 509 Internship application form. Complete Section 1 of the online form, print, sign and bring to your adviser.

5. Receive approval to begin your internship.

An academic internship is a supervised, planned, learning experience in a work environment that is taken for academic credit. Internships are available in more than 40 academic programs in conjunction with Bloomsburg University's organizational partners. Each intern is assigned to a supervising faculty member.

Things You Must Know about Academic Internships

1. Am I eligible?

Every Bloomsburg University student who meets eligibility requirements can participate in an internship. Eligibility requirements can vary by department, so you are urged to discuss requirements when you meet with your adviser. In general, to participate in an internship you must have: earned a minimum 2.0 GPA (Grade Point Average); completed all credits or specific courses required by your department. (Student teaching, field experience or residency that are required for certification or licensure do not quality for academic internship credits.)

2. Will the university find me an internship?

No. You are responsible for locating and applying for internship positions. However, your faculty adviser and the office staff have resources to help you.

3. How do I find an internship?

Students locate an internship opportunities by:

  • Searching for internship opportunities on Husky Career Link Click on jobs tab.
  • On your own by networking with family, friends or BU graduates in a career field of interest
  • Through faculty or departments
  • by researching opportunities in your field

4. When can I complete an internship?

After being approved, you can complete an internship any time of year: fall, spring, summer or winter sessions.

5. How do I apply for an internship?

After meeting with your adviser, you may apply directly to partner organizations offering internship opportunities. Before you begin your internship, the internship application (509 form) must be completed.

6. How much will it cost me?

Depending on the number of credits, you are responsible for tuition and some fees.
Tuition and Fees | Financial aid

7. Are there other costs involved?

Depending on the location for your internship, you may have travel expenses, such as gasoline, or lodging costs. Some employers offer a stipend to help cover these costs. There are some other resources that may provide funding to offset the cost of participating in an academic internship. See Professional U Capstone Scholarships

8. How many credits will I earn?

In general, you may earn one to 15 credits for successfully completing an internship, or what equals 40 hours per credit at the workplace site.

9. Will I be graded on my internship?

Yes. Like any for-credit course, your performance will be assessed and you will receive a grade. Grading criteria is determined by your faculty internship instructor and your department.

10. What will I be required to do?

As with a job, you are expected to show up on time, conduct yourself appropriate to the workplace and complete all work assigned to you. Your department may require you to keep a daily log or a journal to track your time worked and your experience for grading purposes. Some departments expect interns to attend seminars or group meetings.

11. Will I get paid?

Organizational partners offer both paid and unpaid internships. While wages are a consideration in selecting an opportunity, the quality of the internship experience should also be considered when applying for internships.

12. Will my internship course appear on my transcript?

Your internship course and grade will appear on your college transcript.