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BU Players

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Bloomsburg Players is an organization dedicated to promoting interest in the dramatic arts and gives its members the opportunity to gain experience through participation in any or all aspects of theatre. Membership is open to all students. Membership requirements include: payment of dues, working on at least one major fundraiser, and participation in at least one production area per semester. Membership in Players is an excellent way to meet people and to enjoy various theatre-related activities.

Players is also the producing arm of the theatre program. It receives a subsidy from the Community Government Association for the purpose of presenting plays. The production budget is managed by the faculty Director of Theatre and the student Production Manager.

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Bloomsburg Players 2019-2020 Officers

Kamryn T. Felty, President
Brandon A. Ferguson, Vice-President
Heather R. Rummings, Secretary
Reagan E. Venturi, Treasurer
Chelsea R. Soto, Historian
Kali M. Morgia, PR & Marketing
Max Kreiss, Events Coordinator

Bloomsburg Players 2018-19 Officers

Christopher Thorne, President
Brandon Leiphart, Vice President
Somer Walsh, Secretary
Brandon Ferguson, Treasurer
Chelsea Soto, Historian
Kamryn Felty, PR & Marketing
Jonathan Lewis, Events Coordinator

Bloomsburg Players 2017-18 Officers

Toni Carosella, President
Kendall Baird, Vice President
Alicia Chamberlin, Secretary
Taylor Rouillard, Treasurer
Emily Henderson, Events Coordinator
Emel Rasim, Public Relations
Chelsea Soto, Historian

Bloomsburg Players 2016-17 Officers

Nate Stosius, President
Maddie Okuniewski, Vice President
Charlsey Hunter, Secretary
Kate Mochnacz, Treasurer
Toni Carosella, Historian
Kendall Baird, PR & Marketing
Aaron Mowery, Events Coordinator

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