The Screen Plays

Dramatic Stories & Digital (Dis)connections A virtual performance festival of six original plays written and performed by Bloomsburg University students. Student playwrights from Theatre and Creative Writing have written new 10-minute plays that take place in a video/digital environment (real or invented). The truthful circumstances of their environment make it necessary that their meeting is by way of digital screens. The plays will be acted by Bloomsburg University students and directed by advanced directing students and faculty from the Division of Theatre and Dance. The six original plays will be performed over two nights. Three will be released to the public as a series on Wednesday, November 11 at 7:30pm, and a second series of three plays will be released on Thursday, November 12 at 7:30pm.

The Company

Series A
Premiering November 11

Series B
Premiering November 12

The First Date Conundrum  
Kirsten Hamilton, Playwright
Julie Petry, Director
Max Kreiss, Production Designer
Brandon Ferguson, Rory
Kamryn Felty, Jodie
Max Kreiss, Stage Directions

Gummy Bears
Kali Morgia, Playwright
Carrie Winship, Director
Reagan Radel, Production Designer
Kalie Peterson, Andy
Rebecca Thomas, Brit
Abigail Golden, Becca
Mary Kate Prisco, Stage Directions

The Spy-nanigans of Holden Hunt
and Jace Jones: The Past’s a Spy-rus

Samantha Corcos, Playwright
Lindsay Cocker, Director
Sarah Goldstein, Production Designer
Noah Eisengrein, TBA
Mark Obrzut, TBA
Destiny Rosario, Dr. Brie Butler
Nicola Scicchitano, Stage Directions

Brian Bond, Playwright
David A. Miller, Director
Eliana Tate, Dramaturg
Zach Shultz, Cooper
Mary Burnett, Violet
Gibryl Livingston, Dante
Zakariya Scott, Stage Directions

The Proposition
Sebastion Logosso, Playwright
Reagan Venturi, Director
Olivia Hershey, Production Designer
Kali Morgia, Assistant Production Designer
Leah Samuel, Dramaturg
Jacob Eiden, Jeremiah
Charles Donahue, Snake Eyed John
Johanna Gelbs, Stiff-Legged Suzy

The Wright Solution
Alexis Mucci, Playwright
Heather Rummings, Director
Kirsten Hamilton, Production Designer
Max Kreiss, Dramaturg
Olivia Spory, Allie Wright
Lydia Hannibal, Dr. Kristen Marquez

Leadership Team for The Screen Plays
David A. Miller, Artistic Director
Ethan Krupp, Design Mentor
Carrie Winship, Dramaturgy Mentor
Avery Roberts, Production Stage Manager


If you have questions or are interested in getting involved in The Screen Plays, contact Professor David A. Miller, Artistic Director .