Current Season

Current Season

Season 2019-20

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A play inspired by and performed in the Rosemont Cemetery
Produced by Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble and featuring the writing and performing of Bloomsburg University students and faculty
October 17 through 20, 2019
Rosemont Cemetery, Bloomsburg, PA

A collaboratively created theatrical experience in which the audience travels through the very cemetery that inspired the performance. A mixture of contemporary scenes and moments from the past, as well as a collage of researched facts and imagined moments about the living and the dead, the forgotten and the remembered.

“Will we be comforted to lay still near our loved ones? Will we miss the living? Will we know we’re dead? Where are the answers? Let’s seek them out. Together.”

Be More Chill
Music and Lyrics by Joe Iconis, Book by Joe Tracz, Based on the novel by Ned Vizzini
October 31 through November 3, 2019
Alvina Krause Theatre, Downtown Bloomsburg, PA

Jeremy Heere is just an average teenager. That is, until he finds out about “The Squip” – a tiny supercomputer that promises to bring him everything he desires most: a date with Christine, an invite to the raddest party of the year and a chance to survive life in his suburban New Jersey high school. But is being the most popular guy in school worth the risk?

“Everything about you is going to be
And powerful
And popular
And you will
Be More Chill.”

By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
February 26 through March 1, 2020
Alvina Krause Theatre, Downtown Bloomsburg, PA

Travel with Everybody (chosen from amongst the cast by lottery at each performance) as they journey through life’s greatest mystery—the meaning of living. This modern take on the fifteenth-century morality play Everyman which features characters such as Love, Death, and Friendship, was a finalist for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2018.

“Was that a dream or was that a vision? Were you even asleep? Or are you really dying? Is this how Death comes to you? In a dream?”

10th Annual Dance Minor Concert
April 26 and 27, 2020
Mitrani Auditorium in the Haas Center for Performing Arts, Bloomsburg University

The Dance Minor Concert is inspired by a variety of topical themes and explores a vast array of exciting dance styles. The Concert blends student, faculty and staff talents as choreographers, dancers, lighting designers, costume designers, and sound designers.

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For audition information for all plays and musicals, visit the Auditions page.
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