Upper and Lower Campus Building Abbreviations

Upper and Lower Campus Building Abbreviations


Administrative and Service Buildings

Campus Map

    AL Andruss Library
    BFH Ben Franklin Hall
    Buckalew Place
    BMC Buckingham Maintenance Center
    CH Carver Hall
    CS Carpentry Shop
    DC Development Center
    FAH Fenstemaker Alumni House
    HP Heating Plant
    KUB Kehr Union Building
    MC Magee Center
    MH Mitchell House
    NFH Nelson Field House
    SC Scranton Commons
    SRC Student Recreation Center
    SSC Student Services Center (Warren)
    UBS University Book Store
    WAB Waller Administration Building

Classroom Buildings

    BCH Bakeless Center for the Humanities
    BFH Ben Franklin Hall
    CEH Centennial Hall
    HCA Haas Center for the Arts
    HSC Hartline Science Center
    MCHS McCormick Center for Human Services
    NH Navy Hall
    OSH Old Science Hall
    SiH Simon Hall
    SH Sutliff Hall

Residence Halls

    CRH Columbia Hall
    ERH Elwell Hall
    JKA Jessica Kozloff Apartments
    LRH Luzerne Hall
    LyRH Lycoming Hall
    MPA Montgomery Place Apartments
    MRH Montour Hall
    MOA Mount Olympus Apartments
    NRH Northumberland Hall
    SRH Schuylkill Hall