Brand Positioning and Promise

Brand Positioning and Promise

Brand Positioning and Promise
Bloomsburg University develops well-informed citizens through strategic engagement and collaboration, making a difference in the lives of its students, faculty and staff and residents of the Town of Bloomsburg, the region, the commonwealth and beyond.

As a premier public comprehensive university, Bloomsburg University attracts students and faculty who produce positive change through scholarly research and an increased emphasis on co-curricular learning experiences and civic engagement and responsibility.

Brand Promise

Bloomsburg University promises to create and support an environment for students, faculty and staff to focus on excellence in learning, research and civic engagement.

A Great Place to Be You means:

  • Being active learners and defining your own college experience>

    MyCore — BU’s new general education program provides an opportunity for students to broaden their education experience beyond the classroom. The program is customizable to involve students in their education beginning their first day on campus.

  • Excelling in and out of the classroom

    At BU, undergraduates collaborate and conduct research with faculty. The learning experience extends beyond research and includes mentoring and performing arts opportunities, community and civic engagement.

  • Opportunity, Resources and Access

    The cost of attending BU is a best value within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Students are provided opportunities to network, interact and learn from BU’s vast alumni network.

BU’s central aim is to provide students with meaningful connections and interactions that help them align their personal, academic, professional and social interests; assist them in pursuing careers that are a good fit for them personally; and acquire the well-rounded perspective necessary to become valued employees and successful entrepreneurs upon graduation.