Bloomsburg’s Brand

Bloomsburg’s Brand

Bloomsburg’s Brand Essence

Brand Essence

Strong work ethic and curiosity are hallmarks of a Bloomsburg education. Whether you know who you want to be and how to get there or are still discovering your path, Bloomsburg will provide you with meaningful explorations of knowledge and purposeful interactions on your journey to defining your goals and career aspirations.

Bloomsburg University is: A great place to be you!"

Bloomsburg University’s brand identity/personality is the character of our brand defined in active terms. These attributes are essential aspects of BU’s identity and guide the tone/voice of BU’s communications. Brand attributes communicate the ways in which we achieve what we promise.

Brand Identity

BU's personality:

  • Inquisitive
  • Confident
  • Affordable
  • Approachable
  • Student-focused
  • Proud
  • Traditional
  • Hard-working

Brand Attributes

BU's branding supporting statements:

  • BU is focused on development of the whole student
  • Strong commitment to access
  • Commitment to career preparation and providing students with relevant, real-life work and mentoring experiences
  • Personalized and caring learning environment
  • Emphasis on teaching and learning
  • Integration of co-curricular and collaborative learning experiences in and out of the classroom
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • Opportunity for undergraduate research with faculty mentors

Positioning Statement

Bloomsburg University students and faculty produce positive change through scholarly research and an increased emphasis on co-curricular learning experiences and civic engagement and responsibility.