BloomCON Forensics and Security Conference

March 26 to 27, 2021

About BloomCON

BloomCON is Bloomsburg University’s annual digital forensics, cybersecurity, and hacking conference. The conference hosts a variety of speakers and features unique workshops and cybersecurity challenges.

The fifth BloomCON Forensics and Security conference will be held March 26-27, 2021 at Bloomsburg University.

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This year we will have speakers and workshops at all levels, lock picking, hardware hacking, drone hacking, numerous competitions and villages, plus Dual Core performing at our networking party. Competitions planned include our second Drone Wars in partnership with the US Army, wireless hacking, open source intelligence, capture the flag, forensics, and more. We will have villages again this year to include lockpicking, hardware hacking, drone hacking, wireless hacking and more. Our Hak4Kidz program for kids 7-17 is back as well.


Contact Dr. Phil Polstra, Professor, Digital Forensics via e-mail at with questions, talk or workshop submissions, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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Last Year's Talks

Presentations from BloomCON 0x03 can be found in our Mediasite Showcase.