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Bloomsburg Investment Group, BIG

Preparing students for Wall Street while providing real-world investment decision-making opportunities.

The Bloomsburg Investment Group is a Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania student organization.

Officially founded in Fall of 2014, BIG is the acting manager of the BIG Fund, a student-run equity investment portfolio with initial donations from the Bloomsburg University Foundation and Bloomsburg University Zeigler College of Business.

Members of BIG are dedicated to the advanced educational experience derived from research, market analysis, portfolio management, and equity analysis. BIG strives to educate its members in fundamentals and advanced investment theories and bridge the gap between classroom lectures and real-world application.

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Executive Board

Samuel Stellwagon, President
Samuel is a senior Finance major with a minor in Marketing and Real Estate Finance. Samuel currently serves as the President of the group after previously serving as the Secretary and the Senior Analyst of Consumer Discretionary. Samuel is from Reading, Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2018, Samuel completed an internship within the finance division at The Metropolitan Companies located in Wyomissing, PA. In the summer of 2019, he interned within the Investments Division at Brookfield Asset Management, working in acquisitions and dispositions. Samuel also participated in the CSBS Community Bank Case Study in the Spring of 2019. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, reading, hiking, snowboarding, and traveling.

Sam Stellwagon
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Gerrick Hardy, Vice President

Gerrick Hardy is a junior Finance and Accounting major. Gerrick currently serves as the Vice President of the group after previously serving as the Economic Analyst and the Senior Analyst of Consumer Staples. Gerrick has recently completed the CSBS Community Bank Case Study focusing on regulatory relief actions after the Great Financial Crisis. Gerrick is from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. In his free time, Gerrick enjoys playing basketball, reading government novels, working out, and watching TV.

Gerrick Hardy
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Keeyan Zimmerman, Chief Risk Officer
Keeyan Zimmerman is a senior Finance major and currently serves as the Chief Risk Officer of the group after serving as the Treasurer and the Senior Analyst of Financials. Keeyan is from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Throughout the summer of 2019, Keeyan interned at Members Choice Financial Credit Union working with the banks' asset/liability management division. In his free time, Keeyan enjoys hiking, snowboarding, playing guitar, and reading.

Keeyan Zimmerman
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Caleb Putnam, Treasurer

Caleb Putnam is a sophomore Accounting major. Caleb currently serves as the Treasurer of the group after previously being a Junior Analyst in Financials. Caleb is from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Throughout the summer of 2019, Caleb worked at Northern Frontier Camp in the Adirondacks Mountains in Upstate New York. Caleb enjoys hiking, swimming, hanging out with friends and traveling.

Caleb Putnam
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Jared Cromley, Economic Analyst
Jared Cromley is a senior Finance major with a minor in Personal Financial Planning and a minor in Real Estate Finance. Jared currently serves as the Economic Analyst of the group, as well as the Senior Analyst of Technology. He is also the President of the Financial Management Association (FMA). Jared is from Milton, Pennsylvania. This past summer, Jared completed an internship at Members Choice Financial Credit Union. In his free time, Jared enjoys playing basketball, lifting weights, reading, and camping.

Jared Cromley
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Alexandra Papageorgiou, Secretary
Alexandra is a junior Finance major with a minor in Economics and Spanish. Alexandra is currently the Secretary of the group and the Senior Analyst of the Utilities Sector. Alexandra is from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Throughout the previous summer, Alexandra interned for a financial advisory branch of Morgan Stanley. In her free time, she likes working out in the gym, hiking, and traveling.

Alexandra Papageorgiou
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Sector Head

Technology - Jared Cromley
Financials - Caleb Putnam
Healthcare - Gerrick Hardy
Consumer Discretionary - Alexandra Papageorgiou
Consumer Staples - Bryce Wandell
Communication Services - Christopher Wainwright
Industrials - Daniel Kurp
Energy - Harrison Groff
Materials - Jacob Cloutier
Utilities - Jacob Beitz


Board of Director's Reports

Communication Services

Consumer Discretionary
Dollar General

Consumer Staples
Procter & Gamble

Kinder Morgan

JPMorgan Chase & Co
Universal Health Services

Universal Health Services
Abbott Laboratories

Union Pacific
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