Marianna Wood, assistant professor

Marianna Wood, assistant professor


Ph.D. University of Kansas, Biology


Ecology lecture and laboratories, Concepts in Biology 2 laboratories, Conservation Biology, Current Topics in Biology (Lyme Disease)

Research Interests

Foraging Behavior, Mammalogy, Forest Ecology, Biology Education

In 2016, Dr. Wood mentored one graduate student in completing and defending his master’s thesis on local populations of black-legged ticks and Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. She collaborated with undergraduates on projects to assess student writing and to measure learning gains in introductory biology courses.


  • Wood MD and Wood JM. 2016. The data are: helping ecology students conform to disciplinespecific writing conventions. Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting.
  • Wood JM and Wood MD. 2016. The data are: helping ecology students perform disciplinespecific writing conventions. Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Conference.