Steven Rier, professor

Steven Rier, professor


Ph.D. University of Louisville, Environmental Biology


Limnology, Freshwater Biology, Ecology of Streams and Rivers, Global Change Biology, Ecosystem Management, Ecology and Evolution, Freshman Biology laboratories

Research Interests

Stream Ecosystem Ecology, Algal and Microbial Ecology, Algal priming of Terrestrial Organic Matter Decomposition in Streams, Role of Phosphorus Pulses for Stream Periphyton, Stream Eutrophication and Nutrient Pollution

Selected Publications

  • Hartzell, S.M. and S.T. Rier. 2017. A crayfish survey of the fishing creek watershed in northeastern Pennsylvania suggests widespread prevalence of a nonindigenous species and the absence of a native congener. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 91:1-10.
  • Rier, S.T., K.C. Kinek, S.E. Hay and S.N. Francoeur. 2016. Polyphosphate plays a vital role in the phosphorus dynamics of stream periphyton. Freshwater Science 35:490-502.
  • Tucker-Serniak, L., C. Corbin, A. Pitt, S. Rier. 2016. The effects of Japanese Knotweed on avian diversity and function in riparian habitats. Journal of Ornithology 158:311-321.
  • Rier, S.T., J. M. Shirvinski and K. C. Kinek. 2014. In-situ light and phosphorus manipulations reveal potential role of biofilm algae in enhancing enzyme-mediated decomposition of organic matter in streams. Freshwater Biology 59:1039-1051.
  • 30 Authors including S.T. Rier. 2014. US EPA Expert Workshop: Nutrient Enrichment Indicators in Streams. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water. Washington, D.C. Article Link
  • Francoeur, S. N., S. T. Rier, and S. B. Whorley. 2013. Methods for Sampling and Analyzing Wetland Algae. Pages 1–58 in J. T. Anderson and C. A. Davis, editors. Wetland Techniques: Volume 2: Organisms. Springer, The Netherlands
  • Bott, T., J. Jackson, M. McTammany, J. Newbold, S. Rier, B. Sweeney, and J. Battle. 2012. Abandoned coal mine drainage and its remediation: Impacts on stream ecosystem structure and function. Ecological Applications 22:2144–2163.
  • Rier, S. T., K.S. Nawrocki, and J.C. Whitley. 2011. Response of biofilm extracellular enzymes along a stream nutrient enrichment gradient in an agricultural region of North Central Pennsylvania, USA. Hydrobiologia 669:119–131..

Recent Grants

  • Measuring performance of best management practices installed as part of the implementing precision conservation in the Susquehanna River Watershed. National Fish and Wildlife Federation ($115,000, BU budget)
  • Water quality investigations at Bloomsburg University: Summer 2017. Degenstein Foundation ($25,000)
  • Water quality investigations at Bloomsburg University: Summer 2016. Degenstein Foundation ($25,000)