Biology and Allied Health Sciences Research

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences strives to provide hands on, real word science experience to our undergraduate students. This includes many opportunities to work in a real laboratory or field-based setting, experiencing how scientific investigation really works. Students work side-by-side with faculty, other undergraduate students, and graduate researchers to design, execute and analyze real life experiments and studies. Undergraduate students can volunteer in research laboratories, do research for academic credit as part of the focused elective selection, and/or in some cases as a funded professional experience opportunity. BAHS students are encouraged to explore research opportunities with faculty as early as their first semester, as part of their freshman seminar course, and can explore faculty research fields of study and potential projects through our online gallery. Research experiences provide students with analytical and problem-solving skills which are not only valuable for future researchers, but also for any student planning for careers in STEM, including the health sciences.

Graduate Research

The Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences offers a traditional research-based Master of Science Program. Graduate studies entail a close working relationship between a student and a faculty member who acts as their Major Professor. The universal core of the program is an independent scholarly project which is planned, executed, and presented to the public under the direction of a Major Professor. Elective courses are also offered to develop specific competencies. The program is designed to be completed in 2 years, with full-time effort split roughly equally between research and course work. Every effort is made to closely match students with a faculty mentor and research advisor who is able to satisfy their interests and provide the resources necessary to support students’ scholarly work. If you would like to review all of the possible areas of scholarly specialization available, browser our online gallery of fields of study to see the research being conducted by Biology faculty and current students.