Judith Kipe-Nolt, professor, allied health coordinator

Judith Kipe-Nolt, professor, allied health coordinator

Judith Kipe-Nolt


Ph.D. Penn State University, Microbiology


Microbiology lecture and laboratories, BAHS Freshman Seminar

Research Interests

Soil and environmental microbiology, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, composting, manure odors and anaerobic digestion

A major initiative undertaken in 2016 was the development of three new advisement tracks in the B.S. Health Sciences degree. A Pre-Pharmacy track will serve as preparation for students to transfer into four-year PharmD graduate programs. A Pre-Accelerated Nursing track will prepare health science students for admission into accelerated, also called 2nd degree, nursing programs. These vary in length from eleven to eighteen months. The third track is one in Medical Genomics and Counseling. With the recent expansion in genome sequencing of patient DNA, there is significant demand for genomic analysts (research direction) and genetic counselors (clinical direction). This track will prepare students for entry-level jobs in both these areas. Additionally it will provide the background for entrance into Masters in Genetic Counseling degree programs.

Several new opportunities for students to complete radiography and sonography clinical programs include:
AnMed Health in Anderson SC, St. Francis Medical Ctr. in Trenton NJ, JFK Muhlenberg in Metuchen NJ, Winchester Medical in Winchester VA, and Lackawana College in Scranton PA.