Clay Corbin, professor

Clay Corbin, professor


Dr. Corbin


Ph.D. Ohio University, Biology


Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Concepts in Biology 1, Senior Seminar in Biology, Field Zoology, Vertebrate Histology, Anatomy and Physiology laboratories, Biodiversity and Conservation

Research Interests

Evolutionary Ecology, Functional Anatomy

In 2016, Dr. Corbin continued his student based research program by mentoring Masters and Undergraduate students in projects ranging from Ecomorphology of Salamanders to Conservation Biology in Insects.

Publications / Presentations

  • Hartzell SM, and Corbin CE. 2016. New finds in an old collection: some distributional records for amphibians in Pennsylvania, USA. Herpetological Review 47:272.
  • Tucker Serniak L, Corbin CE, Pitt AL, Rier ST. 2016. Effects of Japanese Knotweed on avian diversity and function in riparian habitats. Journal of Ornithology DIO