George Chamuris, professor

George Chamuris, professor


Ph.D. Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry


Botany, Dendrology, Human Genetics, Evolution, Human Evolutionary Genetics

Research Interests

Bark Ecology; Environmental Education, connected to the Flora of Ricketts Glen Project (

  • The Hiker’s Guide to the Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Ricketts Glen State Park is now in the 6th Edition..
  • Initial work on the Flora of Ricketts Glen project began in 2017. Photographs and notes from the past 30 years were assembled and organized, and a field guide to the vascular plants of the park is in preparation. This guide will be similar to the hiker’s guide named above, with the addition of the ferns, clubmosses and herbaceous flowering plants. A target date for publication in 2020 is anticipated.
  • Organization and compilation of 30 years of research in collaboration with BU undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty, on various aspects of bark ecology. The plan is to prepare either a review article or a book on the subject.