Kristen Brubaker, associate professor

Kristen Brubaker, associate professor


Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, Molecular & Cell Biology


Cell Biology lecture and laboratories; Molecular Biology laboratory; Immunology; Cells, Genes & Molecules

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the regulation of the stress response in bees. Specifically, transcription factors that aid in the survival of invasive bees in conditions where honey bees would normally not survive. Students working under my supervisions have cloned, sequenced and characterized expression of three factors linked to stress response and survival, daf-16, hsf-1 and nrf-2, in Megachile rotundata, a solitary thermotolerant bee.

These transcription factors can also be studied/characterized in cancer cell lines to look at survival pathways. In 2016, I applied for a year long sabbatical to specifically study these factors in prostate cancer cell lines and patient tissue samples. I learned that I received a Spring/Fall 2018 sabbatical to study these factors in the laboratory at the University of Washington where I was a post-doctoral fellow.

Service Activities

University Wide Tenure Committee

COST Career Day- Biology/Allied Health Sciences Contact.