Joseph Ardizzi, associate professor

Joseph Ardizzi, associate professor


Ph.D., Cornell University, Genetics


Genetics, Cell Biology laboratories, Writing in Biology, Freshman Seminar

Research Interests

I have worked on and am interested in the role of microtubules and related structures in meiosis and ascospore development in the fungus Neurospora, the genetic components of sexual phase development in this fungus, and the effects of mitotic and actin-myosin inhibitors on ascus development.

Service Activities

My most significant activities and contributions over this past year involve my work as Co-Chair of the Pre-Professional Student Advisory Committee, an interdepartmental group of advisors who work closely with students preparing for admission into the medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, and chiropractic professions. In fall 2017, we introduced our newer students to the roles of the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee in their career development and gave them advice and background on what is expected for pre-medical science students. I am also advisor for the Pre-Medical Sciences Club. This club coordinates visits from professional school admissions personnel, informational presentations by medical professionals, and outreach efforts to undergraduates interested in the medical sciences. I am grateful to all the officers for their work in assuring the success of the Club's mission.

Focus on Students

We have continued to enjoy the success of our students. Several of our current applicants have had early interviews, and we hope and wish for our students’ continued success. I and the other members of the Pre-Professional Student Advisory Committee are pleased that our students have achieved an overall 90% acceptance rate for the period 1997 to 2017.