ASL Transfer Student Application Process

ASL Transfer Student Application Process

Due to cohort design and structure of the course sequence, the number of transfer students accepted into the American Sign Language/ English Interpreting Program is limited. This program may typically be completed in four years. Transferring into this program may extend this length of time.

To apply, students must complete the appropriate requirements for admission (see the Admission, Monitoring and Exit Procedures packet). Transfer students must complete 20 hours of certified interpreter observation and 10 hours of community service during the first year they are at Bloomsburg University.

Please contact the program coordinator for details on these requirements. Prior to admission, transfer students must participate in an interview with the faculty. If transferring ASL course work from another institution, an ASL placement test is required. This will ensure competency in an appropriate level of ASL coursework.

Please note that all students must pass an ASL proficiency examination at the completion of ASL III in order to advance within the program. The American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) is administered through Gallaudet University.

All students who wish to continue into ASL IV or other advanced-level interpreting course work must take the ASLPI and achieve a level 2 out of 5. Failure to pass this performance examination will require remediation, corrective action and/or re-examination. This will delay matriculation and limit access to advanced coursework.

Please contact Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Ed.D., program coordinator and assistant professor, at with any questions about the American Sign Language/ English Interpreting program.

Before transferring you will need to take a placement test so we know where to best place you in our program. Please contact Kristin Lizor, Ed.D, at to schedule a placement test.