Interpreting Club

Bloomsburg University Interpreter club's meetings are open to any student who would like to attend, but is geared towards the ASL/English Interpreting Majors. We discuss the different interpreting settings, signing techniques, interpreting skills, and other topics related to our program. We hold a conference on campus biannually that involves both students and the interpreting community. Interpreter club is a great way to meet the other students in the interpreting program and stay involved!

Interpreting Club Biennial Conference

The 2020 Biennial Interpreting Conference scheduled for April 18-19 is cancelled. Bloomsburg University has cancelled all on-campus events and is restricting the amount of outside guests permitted onto the campus during this time. It is for the health and safety of all that this must occur.

Alumni      Alumni

Left Photo: Alumni at 2018 Bloomsburg University Conference
Right Photo: Keynote Speaker and Faculty at 2018 Bloomsburg University Conference - Jay Pittman, LaTanya Jones (keynote), Jessica Bentley-Sassaman and Bridget Klein

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