Bulletin Boards and Digital Signage

Use of campus bulletin boards

All flyers and signs require approval from the Building Manager (unless noted otherwise) in each building across campus.

  • All signs must be attached to bulletin boards or other designated areas and are not to be hung on walls.
  • Signs displayed on all campus bulletin boards are restricted to a maximum size of 17"x 23". Signs may not be displayed on the outside of any buildings.
  • The KUB Main Desk coordinator must approve signs displayed in the Kehr Union. Signs posted on bulletin boards in residence halls are subject to the approval of the area coordinator.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is available in various locations throughout campus.


BU branded templates are available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pLhnspQIjLk8rsQwN3ANIpP9c1c_Enma/view - all may be used for digital signage messaging.

      Click the download button to open the templates in PowerPoint.

Digital Signage Contacts

Building Contact Phone Image Format
Admissions (SSC) Tom Kresch, Associate Director of Admissions 570-389-5350 Admissions Digital Signage Policy
Andruss Library Bill Barnes, Manager, Technology Support Services 570-389-2813 Landscape, .jpg
Ben Franklin Hall Dave Celli, Manager, Technology Support Services 570-389-4882 Landscape, .jpg
CLE Office (CRH) Jason Jeremiah, Residence Life 570-389-5396 Landscape, .jpg
COE (MCHS & NH) Pam Badolato, Pat McGarry, Stacey Potora, COE 570-389-4005 Landscape, .jpg
COLA (MCHS & CEH) COLA 570-389-4811 Landscape, .jpg
COST (HSC, MCHS & CEH) Angela Ciucci, COST 570-389-5331 Landscape, .jpg
COST (SH) Tina Barnes, IIT 570-389-4618 Landscape, .jpg
CPDCE (SSC) Michael Babb 570-389-4066 Landscape, .jpg
Greenly Center Michelle Leiby, Deb Thomas 570-389-5163 Landscape, .jpg
Haas Auditorium Abigail Manns, Performing Arts 570-389-4653 Landscape, .jpg
Husky Lounge (KUB) Jason Jeremiah, Residence Life 570-389-5396 Landscape, .jpg
Kehr Union Ken Dunlap, Student Activities 570-389-2812 KUB's Digital Signage Policy
Monty's Jason Jeremiah, Residence Life 570-389-5396 Landscape, .jpg
Nelson Fieldhouse David Leisering, SID, Marketing and Communications 570-389-4413 Landscape, .jpg
Residence Halls Jason Jeremiah, Residence Life 570-389-5396 Landscape, .jpg
Scranton Commons Jason Jeremiah, Residence Life 570-389-5396 Landscape, .jpg
Sutliff Hall COB 570-389-4745 Landscape, .jpg