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Act 101/EOP Department

The Act 101 program at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a comprehensive academic, social and cultural support program designed to assist selected students in achieving academic excellence. Through the Act 101 program, Bloomsburg University provides intrusive academic advising, research-based academic retention programs, and activities and community engagement opportunities. All Act 101 programs and initiatives are designed to cultivate core strengths in the areas of academic self-confidence, self-advocacy, 21st Century Life Skills, and community engagement. These core strengths are developed by providing Act 101 students access to tutoring, supplemental instruction, mentoring, intrusive academic advising and intensive academic support.

Student Highlight

Over 10 Act 101/EOP students have received full or partial scholarships in 2019-2020.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor job descriptions and application can be found on the peer mentor web page.
Information date for fall semester is November 6 at 5 p.m.

Act 101/EOP Contacts

Director of Access and Success and Act 101/EOP
  Ralph Godbolt |
Assistant Director, Act 101/EOP
  Shannon Musgrove, M.S. |
Administrative Assistant
  Judy Rostucher |

Act 101/EOP Office
40 Student Services Center
Act 101 Faculty

Act 101 Eligibility

ACT 101 participants are chosen on the basis of their academic potential, motivation and aspirations. To be eligible for program services, students must be full-time residents of Pennsylvania and must meet certain academic and economic criteria.

Academic Eligibility

The Act 101 program at Bloomsburg University is targeted towards students who have shown academic promise and with additional support, can achieve academic excellence. The faculty and staff of the Act 101 program believes that with appropriate support centered around best practices of youth development and college retention, that any student can achieve academic excellence.

Income Eligibility

Per guidelines determined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, eligibility for the Act 101 program is determined by family income.

Eligibility for ACT101

Act 101 Initiatives

Chat N Chews

What is life like as a minority student at BU? Why should young men accept the word “NO”?

What are toxic relationships and how can they impact you? How does one identify and deal with trauma?

These questions and others are explored in a series of “chat and chew” conversations. The Act 101 Program at Bloomsburg University engages students in small group discussions about topics that are relevant to today’s college student. The discussions, which take place over dinner, serve to challenge students to think about important issues that can impact them today and into the future.

Out of the Classroom Into the Community

An Initiative of the Act 101/EOP Program, designed to engage the Bloomsburg University community in academic-based conversations and community engagement opportunities focused on low income, urban communities.

act 101 relationships

Wellness Academy

Research indicates that mindfulness practices positively impact students, specifically students that come to Bloomsburg University from communities that are struggling with issues of poverty and violence. The Wellness Academy, an initiative of the Act 101 program is designed to engage the university community in workshops and activities that will incorporate yoga, meditation, visualization and print materials focused on healthy living and positive decision making.

Yoga Class Every Wednesday 6 to 8 p.m.

Meditation Monday’s every week 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m.

act 101 wellness

Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program is a comprehensive academic support program targeting first generation Bloomsburg University students who are demonstrating risk factors that will increase the likelihood of not completing a four-year college degree. Through the Emerging Scholars Program, Bloomsburg University provides intensive, engaging and enriching opportunities for students to develop the skills that will assist them in achieving academic excellence.

The Emerging Scholars Program aims to cultivate core strengths in the areas of academic self-confidence, community engagement, 21st Century Life Skills and self-advocacy. The development of these core strengths is supported by tutoring, supplemental instruction, mentoring, intrusive academic advising and intensive academic support.


Hip Hop Academic

Bloomsburg University students are encouraged to explore the world of academic research and writing through non-traditional means, including popular culture. The Hip Hop Academic is designed to introduce BU students to the scholarship of academics such as Henry Louis Gates, Mark Lamont Hill, Roger Abrahams, and Cheryl Keyes. Students are encouraged to partner with their professors to explore ways to bring their interests and passions into the academic space.

Hip Hop academic

Counter Space: Promoting Healing and Enhancing Literacy

Counter Space, a program developed by Dr. Melissa Cheese, is designed to provide opportunities for BU students, specifically students who identify as “she” and “her” to engage in important conversations in “spaces” designed to promote support and healing. Counter Spaces, which incorporates conversations centered on literary pieces is also designed to promote reading and enhance the critical thinking skills of participants.

Book club

Keepin’ It Real About Mental Health

Keeping it Real About Mental Health is an Act 101 initiative designed to increase awareness about issues of mental health, trauma, anxiety, and depression. By engaging students in conversations about issues impacting their mental health and hosting programs designed to raise awareness about issues of mental health, the Act 101 program is keeping it real about issues of mental health. The Act 101 program is committed to developing and maintaining strategic relationships with offices such as the Center for Health and Wellness, the Student Health Center and the Office of Residence Life to identify Act 101 and other students who may need mental health support.